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PureHeart121215So the joke is, Women complain about not having enough closet space for all their clothes AND they complain about not having anything to wear.

Women during Bible days would have even more to complain about. Jesus said we should pray in our closet.  That ‘closet’ Jesus was referring to in Matthew 6:6 was just a little hidden hole in the family home where they hid their jewels.  Jesus told us to pray there; which was hardly convenient. Fifteen verses later He explains it better,,, “Where the treasure is, the heart is also.”  I believe He was referring to the secrecy of prayer in our hearts, instead of  being locked up in a little room.  Our treasure is our relationship with God.  IF we feel better praying in a little closet that is fine,, but to each his own.  We should never pray for other people to see how holy we are, or to make other people feel bad.  Prayer should never make others feel bad. *unless the Holy Spirit is working on them, convicting them of something*.
When I was in Cuba, I was invited to eat with this family. When I asked if they wanted to pray first, a teenage boy asked ‘what is pray’? My friend said, it means ‘talk to God’.. The kid got scared, took off his hat, and bowed his head.  We take for granted sometimes the person we are talking to. God is more important than  anyone or anything on this earth.  Lots of times we don’t consider that. This cuban boy taught me well. I never realized the privelege it was to talk to the creator of the universe before, and this young marxist man taught me that.  I think part of the need for secrecy is that reverence aspect of praying. I think reverence and appreciation go hand in hand.  I don’t think people would talk to the president of a country and text at the same time.  I think when you give reverence to God, and importance, you will see more results and hear more clearly from Him.
I had a great conversation with a good friend about prayer closets and whether social media is a place to post prayer requests. The discussion was interesting, but as I reflect, the underlying question was whether FB prayer requests were disobeying the Lord in His command to keep prayers secret? I personally LOVE prayer requests on FB, as long as the person posting them isn’t posting them in a gossipy, self righteous way, with hate messages and vulgarities in between prayer and praise reports.   Prayer request, praise reports *praying as well*, should be in reverence and appreciation. Never as a weapon but as a conversation of love and respect.
From my experience, THE prayer closet is not a time , nor a place.  It’s a lifestyle. If the closet helps you focus and changes your prayer life in a positive way, it’s a place for you. If it helps you to focus for a period of time on God, it’s the good time and place for you. It isn’t the only way however. It is the secret part of your heart. You can pray anywhere, at any time.  People don’t have to know you are praying.  Brother Andrew , a monk, wrote a book on prayer challenging  people to pray 24/7/365.. That book greatly influenced my prayer life. I challenge myself everyday to be in continuous prayer. 

No matter where, when or how you pray, it’s about the relationship we have with God. In the closet, out of the closet, it really doesn’t matter. God just wants us to worship and commune with Him. The more we communicate with God, the closer we feel His guidance. Those who are children of God are guided by His Spirit. There is so much freedom in being guided by Him.  He is such a gentle Shepard. NOT a lot of rules either.

Above all else,, , PRAY IN A WAY THAT WE CAN TEACH OUR CHILDREN HOW TO PRAY…when we are worried, when we are happy, when we are thankful, our kids need to see that.  They need to believe that you believe that prayer works and is a solution to life’s difficulties. They have to see you pray.

Do yourself a favor, watch this two year old  here talking to God,, HER MOMMY TAUGHT HER WELL!



Prayer request

1. 501c3 change over from River of Life

2. Children out for summer/christmas recess

3. Families and health

4. Finances,, DECEMBER is ALWAYS the toughest month for us, ,more expenses and less donations.  This month is worse,because of unexpected expenses, ie FRIDGE!

5, Need a new fridge,, our died, we are wasting LOTS of food for the feeding center.

6, Overall health and energy of all of us

7. More volunteers

8. FINANCES,, always FINANCES,, we are continuously hand to mouth.


1. An old army buddy of mine is matching contributions for the rest of this month. For every dollar you give, He will match it.

2. God literally cured me of three major things

3. Winnie’s healing/health

4.That I get to do this with my best friends.

5. For incoming teams and visitors

6. The 501c3  is coming along smoothly

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