Escape From Child Slavery One Child At A Time

Jim Winner At Risk Home

The Jim Winner Home for At Risk Children is paid for. Jim Winner At Risk Home We received some nice donations, from Nicaraguans and other Central Americans as well a from the states.


Here’s our Executive Summary for the Jim Winner Home for At Risk Children:

Our goal is to help ANY KID with the desire to escape child slavery. ONCE they are free, healthy, fed, and educated, we can talk to them about faith and choices. Until then, any decision they make is like having a pistol to their heads. We freely share God’s grace and love with these children until they get their little lives out of a tailspin. People do not care about how much you know until they know how much you truly care.

This is our third orphanage in Nicaragua, as well as our third school we have started here. From past experiences *MISTAKES* we tried to learn. We are trying to be 100% non american, non institutional, non religious and non political. Winnie *Nicaraguan citizen* runs the show, I only am her facilitator because I can raise funds and have a big mouth.

We are here for the ‘Children Whosoevers’. We want them to grow in Nicaragua to be God inspired young men and women, filled with God’s love.

One at a time is our motto. If the Lord give us one, or a thousand, we are happy. A lot has to do with the mercy and favor in the eyes of the Nicaraguan government. Up until now, with over 16 years of experience, we have NEVER had a problem with the Nicaraguan government. The main reason is because we are Apolitical and we don’t push agendas, institutions nor ‘the american way’ of doing things..

Missionaries are ALLOWED in Nicaragua by the present government. The way I see it, WE have no right to voice our political nor nationalistic opinions, privately nor publicly, as long as we are guests in their country. We can share God’s love or our opinions. One or the other.

In reporting, I never have, nor ever will take head counts to gauge opinions nor accomplishments. David did it in the Bible, and paid a heavy price. I have been doing this for a while and it seems to me that the the ONLY way to do it is one kid at a time. What the Lord does or does not do is entirely up to Him. All we have to do is give 100% of our love and what we have, without condemning nor judging them based on our criteria. How many kids are in the school is a common question. Between 10 and 15. Eduardo and Linda we had to stop bringing. Car broke down, logistics, and when we DID get there, they weren’t ready. Poochie is coming in by himself. Today he showed up at 6 am, ready to eat breakfast. His new love is ice cold milk and cereal. He LOVES it..

How many children do we feed a day is another question,, we feed LOTS AND LOTS. I can not feed and count at the same time.

Besides, IF you are TRULY loving on a child, you won’t have time to LOOK at others, nor judge.’ I Stole that one from Mother Theresa’ . It may be the first time in his or her life that they are actually the center of attention.

Here’s the kids trying to do the mother’s day presentation. Don’t panic american guys, you already missed it in america. In Nicaragua it’s next week.

Prints pictures and plans of the property are on the website at

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