24 mar 14, Pure Heart and Fainting

They shall walk and not faint…

People Pure Heart Nicaragua 3302014constantly tell me that I bite off more than I can chew. I don´t have a clue what they´re talking about. I just do what I feel the Lord wants me to do every day. It´s fun. It´s a wide variety of good and interesting things. No work or planning necessary. I just do the next thing. It´s easy.DOING THE NEXT THING COULD IN NO WAY MAKE ME FAINT. What makes me faint is sitting around, talking about a lot of stuff and doing nothing.

Normal people do not faint. I am suspicious of fainters. Fainting seems kind of selective. Old ladies faint when they see a rat running across the kitchen floor.. Coincidentally, old ladies don’t seem to have a problem putting one in their purses while shopping at wal-mart.

I remember seeing girls faint in old movies when a handsome hero entered the room. But only in movies. The only time I have ever seen anything even remotely like that in real life was here in Nicaragua. A young lady from the barrio used to faint in front of the whole world every time a team of young gringo men would come down to visit CC Managua. The first couple times we’d all panic and gingerly carry her to the most expensive hospital in Nicaragua and pay for a bunch of treatments, When I saw it becoming more pathological, I would tell the team to stand down and Winnie and I would take her. But it was still expensive and still embarrassing. About the twelfth time I just threw her over my shoulder and carried her to the local welfare hospital. The gurney still had blood on it because of recent gang activity and there was a cut off finger just laying on the floor. The young fainter lady yelled “I Am Healed! Jesus Healed me!” And it was true. She never fainted again!

People truly faint because of lack of circulation. Walking is great for circulation. Walk and not faint. This says to me ” Those who steadily serve the Lord will keep walking and because of that they will not faint.”

“Just keep doing the next thing” Elizabeth Elliott on living the Christian life. She was the wife of the martyr Jim Elliot

People who are serving the Lord consistently don’t faint. They are just like the waves on lake Nicaragua, just happily doing the next thing.

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