Once I got a late night call and had to make a long 8 hour drive to somewhere. I called my kids and wife, and said, grab what you need. Deannie Jr was like 5 and he grabbed a dvd video of something. We didn’t have a DVD player in the car, but he said we really needed it. So we took it. It´s been a great source of family laughter ever since. Don´t remember why we left in a hurry- don´t remember even where we went, but we all remember Deannie Jr. carrying that little DVD like his life depended on it.

I love littlePure Heart 4514 kids when they really NEED something. Their eyes get big, and they implore. Ever notice that these little guys never NEED food, water, a place over their head. They NEED shiny and cool things. Even the poorest, most desperate kids NEED seemingly unnecessary things, and will overlook NECESSARY THINGS to get what they think they NEED. In the eyes of the kids it IS necessary, and in the eyes of the ´dad or mom´a lot of times it´s necessary as well, although to the people that don´t know them, they think it is unnecessary. Pizza Freitag is a waste of money. Completely unnecessary. We could give them boiled yucca to eat- it is necessary for them to eat, and that would satisfy bare requirements. But Pizza is a real NEED to them, sometimes. It IS necessary to give the kids joy and laughter. They look forward to Pizza day, and laugh when they see the pizza. They NEED laughter. It delights God, He NEEDS us to love HIS KIDS, not just completing the bare necessities.

For the past 10 days I have NEEDED TO BE a BROTHER, and have been laboring for a friend who doesn’t know I exist. He doesn’t know my name. Never seen me before. He was found last Wednesday unconscious on the lip of a volcano in Omotepe. He has been in a coma ever since. I met him, I´m stuck with him. You can´t just abandon someone who has no one, especially once you’ve engaged. I simply can not walk away. We had to try to find next of kin, keep the doctors and hospitals on their toes, you know, to help him out. Finally, we made the contacts! We have fulfilled out debt to him. Tomorrow he flies home. His family finally came and we have been able to set everything up. I thought, man, I lost 10 days. But then a friend reminded me today, ´I was sick and you visited me, I was hungry and you fed me´. We NEED to do the things that are important to others, although they may seem unnecessary to the casual spectator.

Here´s our video of feeding kids the unnecessary pizza that they NEED.

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