Earthquakes and Falling stuff.

Earthquakes and Falling stuff.

Falling stuff, (including people) kill people. Not earthquakes in themselves. We Just had a 6.6 earthquake about 4 minutes ago, 2:49 pm, mountain time, today, friday, 11 April 2014 right here in beautiful Managua Nicaragua. Yesterday we had a 6.2. Jim Winner Home Pure Heart NicaraguaThe thing about earthquakes is that if the structure you are in isn’t secure, whatever is above your head FALLS down immediately. Seeing how we just poured a 2 ton slab over our bedroom last month, the 500 plus tremors we had last night made it really hard for me to sleep last night. There were at least 500 tremors and 7 earthquakes since the first 6.2 earthquake in Managua last evening. Nothing in the Jim Winner Home has fallen down, yet. This is a great construction test! I actually LOVE earthquakes (sleep is entirely over rated). They show you exactly where you are in the grand scheme of things. It´s a relativity check.See the Jim Winner Home for At Risk Children construction video here at the following if you´re interested in seeing the 2 ton concrete slab over my bed.

I once teased Deannie Jr (much to his chagrin) with something I saw on FB. It said, EARTHQUAKE INSTRUCTIONS “in case of earthquake, press pause on your controller, then save achievements on you video game, turn off xbox, immediately store it in a safe place IE a dry bathtub cushioned with towels, and then RUN LIKE CRAZY. ” Fijate! no le dio risa. (he didn’t laugh, go figure!).

Falling stuff isn’t all bad though. Pastors, Priests and Christians fall all the time. Falling is not necessarily deadly nor a failure. The best things that have ever happened to me as a result of me not being able to get much lower. It’s painful, but in the long run USUALLY beneficial. I is the difference between BITTER and BETTER. The key word is I (me) and whether you are going to react to it or respond to the change. I don’t think you can fall from God´s Grace (you did nothing to deserve it in the first place). You can fall from your religion, which is probably a good thing because it doesn’t glorify God at all, but not from His Grace.

Jesus talks about the religious guy who walked into church ‘praying to himself´ and ´praying AT the poor guy next to him´. I don’t know about you but I see that a LOT lately. Then Jesus said there was a sinner ( probably a guy that got tripped up in something and fell down) who wouldn’t even dare to look up, and prayed to the Lord begging for mercy and forgiveness. His position had changed because of his fall but he was in a much better place than the religious guy who didn´t think he had ever fallen. The prodigal son is a perfect example as well as having fallen, recognizing it, getting up, cleaning up and getting back to business.

Religious people tend to kill and eat their wounded (I personally have witnessed that firsthand by the ´brethren´.) Business men fire people (anyone wimp do that). ´Friends´ ignore each other and won´t talk to them (I have an 9 year old girl, so I know exactly what that´s about). However true believers are called to love and restore, everyone, unconditionally. Fortunately for me, I have witnessed that as well. I think only when you have personally reached the bottom you can seriously be of help to your fellow man and to the Lord. It´s all about the LEAST OF THESE.


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