Fwd: 18-4-14 pure heart and sleep

Managua is nowPure Heart 421 known as the city that doesn´t sleep. Between a week of strong earthquakes and tsunami warnings, every one in Managua is like the walking dead with big bags under their eyes. Sleep is nice. The older I get the more I like it.

Sleeping heals. It is good because it gives us a chance to start all over again once we wake up.

Today we remember Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ when He was tortured and murdered for our sins. Yet we call it GOOD Friday. When I was an unbeliever THAT made no sense. Easter was nothing more than biting off the ears of hollow Easter bunnies and filling them with milk. BUT now I realize that the Crucifixion WAS good because that is the only thing that makes us good in the eyes of our Father. Besides that, without THAT there would be no RESURRECTION three days later.


Sleep is like a pause. A time to regroup. We had a dental brigade here (thanks to Dra Lucelia Quiroz). They fixed the teeth of the poorest of the poor. On top of that , the feeding centers and construction wiped us out. We loved sleeping in a little today.

Sleep also is a healer. Pray for my friend John P Thomas who came out of a coma after being flown on two life flights to his home in PA. His humble family is trying to pay back the enormous debt they are in. Here’s information about him.

God bless you guys and have a happy Easter.


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