Being an ex car salesman, I try to shy away from sales buzz words and sales philosophies and techniques when talking about the Lord.

Networking is not about sales nor marketing. It isn´t new. Nor is it nonspiritual or sinful. Peter was told by Jesus to throw the net. Because he obeyed, he received a lot of fish. Then our Lord told Peter to do the same thing with men, which ultimately resulted in your and in my spiritual re-birth.

A lot of times in my life I see the benefits of networking. I have also seen the disadvantages of networking poorly.

The fact is, everyone networks. Some for God’s glory, but most to God’s dismay. Every person who sees us (the majority of which we are not even aware of) has formed an opinion of us and what we believe in.
That opinion may bring the observer closer to God or distance him from God.

I think the key to positive networking is trying more to be more interested in the other person than to try to be interesting. To give instead of get. Positive networking is the basis for making friends. Friendships are the basis for evangelism, sales, business and a fulfilled life in general. You HAVE to care about the people until you can get interested in them. When the little 3 year olds we work with want to tell us something because they care about us, they patiently repeat and repeat their story til you act like you are paying attention. I used to just get a blank look on my face, Pure Heart 42414nod my head and watch their lips move without hearing a word…. I would literally zone out. THIS YEAR I finally figured out that for a relationship to work you have to be interested in what they say. Not just act like it by staring and nodding your head. (hey guys, this is a great marriage tip as well)

In our Pre Kinder school and feeding programs we try on a daily basis to to teach the children to interact in such a way as to let God’s light shine among men. Osea, network.

Hopefully it will be a skill that will stay with them to make their lives full to overflowing.

Hasta la proxima

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