2May14, pure heart and forgetting

When Dean was Dont Forget Pure Heart Nicaraguaan infant my wife was laid up in a hospital with appendicitis. I realized there were no diapers for him. So I rushed out side with Dean Jr and grabbed a cab. Upon arriving to the pharmacy to buy diapers I had a feeling as if I forgot something. As I was paying for the diapers it was as someone threw a bucket of ice cold water poured over my head. I realized that I had left my baby in the back seat of the taxi which was long gone. I said to my self “Winnie´s going to kill me”. I ran out side and to my pleasant surprise, saw that the taxi driver was returning with my baby.

Forgetting is a word that covers a large area. Forgetting important stuff is bad. Forgetting insignificant stuff is insignificant. The Bible says to tie a string on your finger to not forget God. But the older you get the more your forget. (There are three signs of old age, memory loss, hair loss and I can’t remember the third). It’s easy for me to forget the past because I prefer to. it is insignificant. Paul talked about forgetting the things in the past and press on for the things set before us. Looking back at insignificant things will cost you in the long run. If an angry man is chasing you he will have a better at catching you if you look back while you are running. If you drive looking into the rear view mirror you will wreck your car.

The Pure Heart Children´s Fund kids in our school and feeding centers are taught to not to forget about the important things. God, obedience and respect of their parents.

Here’s a video of Winnie teaching the kids to obey their mamas and papas like ducklings following their mommy. Kids don’t forget stiff set to music. Hummmm , neither do I!


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