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A few years ago I had a christian ‘brother’ in a hotel pick up van with me. I have known the christian guy a long time. RwVdhEktjxT4IyRFnpibU470RUTyOJ6zWxzePheQoSzT=w124-h207-p-no The taxi driver was a new acquaintance, so him and I were making small talk, mostly about the type of car he drove. I said, ‘as long as you are happy, that’s what matters.’ We were talking about cars,not theology. The ‘brother’ got very visibly un’happy’ with that comment and kind of killed the whole conversation. we drove the last 30 minutes in awkward silence. I guess he wanted us to ‘gang save’ the poor driver or something… I have been a believer since 1993, and I have done a complete 180 about what ministry should be. A good friend and brother asked me once in earnest if I was teaching the ‘ Happy ‘ doctrine. (as opposed to what? the UNhappy doctrine?) It’s kind of like people snickering at a seeker ‘friendly’ church, uh, are we supposed to be unfriendly to seekers?

I have realized after over 20 years of offending people who didn’t believe and act like I did, that NONE of us are entirely correct. We are all wrong in one thing or another. We are all sincerely seeking for and asking for the truth. We really need to give each other some slack. None of us are the patent holders, none of us have the key to the kingdom, nor the secret handshake. Jesus’ blood shed on Calvary covers it all, IF we accept it, If we do, we can claim no glory, nor say that we are wiser than someone else. Because without Jesus we would never be able to accept it.

People repent and believe only because He let’s them repent of their sins and believe. We were all like Lazarus, just laying there, stinking, until Jesus calls us, like He did to Lazarus, ‘come forth!’ Lazarus did nothing. Jesus did it all for him. Just as He did it all for us. He died for our sins. That’s a given, without Him, we have no sacrifice for our sinfulness. There is nothing we can do to make God love us,more nor less. Jesus paid it all, and out of gratitude we live better lives, and help others, like the children in Nicaragua.

So Yes, I preach a Happy Doctrine, because I blow it all the time, and everyone else I know is a mess as well. If it had to do on our good works, we would be very unhappy, but our bad works outdo our good works every time. Some people seem perfect, but they just are sneakier than others. God knows our hearts. All of us have sinned and gone astray, there is nothing good in us but HIM. He is good. we are not. So my standing in God doesn’t have to do with me doing a perfect act. It has to do with His perfect unselfish act on the cross, so I am free to happily make other people happy. If I am unhappy, how can I give something that I don’t possess. It is with great joy that I can pray for these kids here in Nicaragua, and for you as well… if you have any burden, let me know and I will be glad to pray with you as well.

Every day, I pray that I can make people happy, Teach them to love the gift of their life through Jesus, ease their burdens, and help them to LOVE the Lord, because He is good, and He is Happy, the Bible says He rejoices over us, and when one child comes to Him the heavens rejoice. My job is to make God happy, to know Him better, and to Make Him Known by others.

Our goal is to make these Kids HAPPY! on earth as it is in heaven.

watch the slide show below.

Please pray for my mom, Mim Peters, her health is declining rapidily. Please pray for My friend Saeed Abidini in prison for his faith in Iran. And please pray for Gail Mays and her family, as my friend Steve Mays passed away yestarday.

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