Overview of the Winner Home

Up until now
As many of you know, I have planted 2 orphanages and 2 schools and a church down here in Nicaragua in the 90’s. In 2012 we drove back down, with the intention of starting our ministry.

The children living here in poverty here are impossible for me to forget.

We started out by renting two buildings down here. One to live and start the school in and the other was to provide an income for us as we ministered to the poor children here in Managua.

We figured a working restaurant would both provide income for us, and training for the kids we were working with. Well the restaurant was a bust, but the school was a hit.

As I work with an Air Ambulance Company we were able to make ends meet and we were introduced to Dawn Piardi, president of River of Life non profit in the states. Through her, tax free donations started trickling in.

We bought a lot about 10 minutes away from the dump where we were working, and built the Winner Home in 2014. We now have the school here in the Winner Home, and prepare meals for the dump here as well. Winnie and I live here with my daughter. Dean is living in the states now, going to high school.

After thousands of dollars, and 4 lawyers, on January, 2015 we officially became a Nicaraguan Non Profit (Fundacion Corazon Puro). We have 30 children (on scholarship) going to our MINSA approved Pre School at the Winner Home and are feeding 100 children 5 X per week a well balanced, nutricional meal in the city’s dump.

Last year we served 33,800 meals to hungry children, and provided medicine and medical care to 103 desperate children and adults. We hope to be able to double those figures in a year

‘A hungry belly has no ears’ – Papa Perry

We have 4 paid teachers on staff, two cooks, and one handy man. We have a board consisting of 5 Nicaraguans.

The Winner Home is not quite finished, and we need an adequate water supply and a back up generator.

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