Volunteer Help

I was recently asked what teams that come down to help us in Nicaragua could be expected to do.  (This is all contingent on our funds)

  1. Light Construction
    1. at the winner home for at-risk children
    2. at the shacks where the kids live
  2. Our PreK
    1. teachers that help with singing, dancing, acting, playing
    2. teachers that help with arts and crafts
    3. teachers that help teach english
  3. Vacation Bible School
  4. Winner club- kid’s church on Saturday afternoon
  5. Feeding center in the Preschool
    1. breakfast for 35 kids
    2. snacks
  6. Feeding center in the city garbage dump
    1. help feed 100 kids at lunch and 100 at supper
    2. play with the kids- baseball, soccer, duck duck goose, musical chairs, etc
  7. Pastoral counseling
  8. 2nd dump feeding center- by the beach
  9. Gringo ministry on the beach
  10. Street people ministry
  11. Home economics for the mothers of all the kids- both in the boonies and in the dump.  Including: budgeting, sewing, repairs, etc.
  12. Door to door visitations

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