1rst day of school

first day of school

Mat: 19:14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Our PRE-K started today. We are so happy. I had my first teaching job when I was still in the army. When I returned to CONUS I was given the position of an instructor. 10 training classes, 50 soldiers in each class, a total of 500 soldiers I got to spend the next 2 years of my life with.

Now God has Winnie and me on our 3rd school down here in Nicaragua. The first two schools are doing well. The 1rst school I built is with WEGO, in Dolores Jinotepe de Carazo Nicaragua. The other one is in Barrio Santa Ana at Calvary Chapel Managua Nicaragua. Now, we are going on our third one here at the Winner Home. Our Pre-K is going on it’s 4th year already! We hope to have the funds to turn it into a boarding school soon.

Schools are in my blood. My dad was a school teacher and principle of schools. My Aunt and Uncle, Jim and Donna Winner, and his daughter, Rebecca Winner literally paid for the properties and most of the construction of them all. I have never really liked school myself, so it’s a pleasant surprise that the Lord is using us to help people in this manner. Our goal for schooling is to give children a solid platform from which they can launch their dreams and careers, to be productive, God loving citizens and good parents.

School is like the kingdom of God. You get the students in all shapes, sizes, colors and forms.

Jesus said to let them all come, because that is what heaven is like! The funny thing about schools of any kind is their similarities. Each class has the same people, whether a Pre-School of horrified little toddlers in a developing country, or a training platoon of soldiers. The only thing different are the names… Elementary Schools,High Schools, Colleges, Boarding schools *OUR DESIRE*, PRE-K, D.O.D. training, ARMY schools, it’s all the same. You have your fatso, genius, dummy, bully, crybaby, fancy pants, jock, sissy, beauty queen *well not in army schools, hopefully*, and you have the guy that irritates everyone *ie, ME, with my 10+ facebook accounts and continuous barrage of long winded emails*…. and the list goes on. The names change, but those same guys are in every class.

The only difference is the names. Jesus said that was what heaven is like. Interesting thought isn’t it? We want our ministry¬†to be like heaven for these children.

thank you!

here is a video of the 1 level, the 3 year old,, oh, IHANY is there.


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