Efesians 2. … As for YOU!,,,,

I remember that phrase from an incident in elementary school!

It makes my blood run cold to this day. It is a great argument against teachers carrying fire-arms in public school. Once I had the whole classroom going when our little old blue haired school teacher stepped out for a moment. I even had my best friend, who is now a prominent Chicago M.D., dancing on his desk! When I saw the the look in the eyes of that teacher when she returned from her potty break, I tried to hide the crowd. Suddenly she was pointing at me and screaming ‘and as for YOU!! Glad she only had a chalk board eraser in her hand. I was fearing for my life. That I believe was the first and only time I was distinguished or should I say, singled out in my academic career.

We should make children feel special in school. The teacher that is remembered is the teacher that makes a kid feel special. You can make that change in one other person’s life. Even if you are NOT a teacher as a profession. If you are an adult, you are a teacher by default. Not by reprimanding them but by spending time with them and making them feel important.

When God said ‘and as for YOU!’ It is exhilarating,,, you who WERE dead but now alive!

Our solar system is flying through the universe at the speed of a car on normal country roads. It is rotating ate the same time and spinning around like an olympic vaulter. Then in this same system are specks rotating, spinning and flying around the sun. Also at the speed of a car. One of those specs is the earth, and on that spec are 7 billion of us. Talk about hiding in a crowd! And God says ‘as for you! wow

We need to make each kid feel important, as God knows them and is concerned for them, as for us.

Dean Peters


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