a little story about a GREAT human being…

a little story about a GREAT human being. Angelica (the tallest one in the back)


Angelica Angelica Pure Heart Nicaraguaon any other planet would be a homecoming queen, student council president, cheerleader and valedictorian. She would be in the running for scholarships at any ivy league school. She could enjoy the future of a brilliant corporate lawyer or surgeon. But, alas, her world, her planet just so happens to be in the poorest neighborhood in the 2nd to the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. She has dreams. She has a stupendous personality. She is witty, funny, charming, kind, good, moral, obedient and respectful. She is the leader of the kids her. She never fights, never argues, never gets visibly mad, even though the hunger, mosquitoes, fire ants, rodents, sicknesses, heat, air pollution, stench and humidity here is usually at the level of unbearable or worse.
On another planet, her future would be very bright. She´s eloquent, beautiful, charming and really really funny. On this planet, Angelica´s future is very bleak. My heart breaks for her, there has GOT to be a way OUT for her. Oh, yes, ,there is! Jesus!

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