Summer Days- School Daze!


Missionaries who live here, and actually care enough about they serve to learn their language and cultures, know that SCHOOL IS OUT FOR SUMMER!

I know, Christmas Season for us North Americans is NOT summer. In Nicaragua, it is, signifying ´dry season´. I guess rain is like snow to them or something cause they call June the dead of winter. As a matter of fact, if it´s raining hard, they have RAIN DAYS (like we have snow days)

I have never been a big one on ceremonies, vacations, holidays, specials days, etc etc etc. Birthday parties, Christmas, TG, Easter, family reunions for me were always filled with angst and trauma. After I because a Christian, Even Worse!! i had hoped it would get better. NOT!

BUT first day of summer vacation? ahhhhhhhhh, NOW THAT WAS A SPECIAL DAY!

The ONLY thing I hated more than SPECIAL DAYS was school.

In the video below, (several),, these kids LOVE school,,, what is up with that? Kids should love school. They should be eager to go to school. Even in our PreK we have drop outs (Poochie for one)

Why to some kids hate school and others love school? I think that little detail is a difference between a good future for them and a bad future for them. We AIM to find that out, Lord willing.

Last day of school was yesterday for our PreK, they’re on summer vacation until January 20th.

I hope you can open this up, this is last day of school ceremony.

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