The River of Life, The Great Giveaway

There are always people who work behind the scenes to get things done. You never hear from them, but here a post, there a picture, everywhere a wire, wire. That is who we are at River of Life.
Recently, We at The River of Life, had put together 2 Large boxes of clothes weighing 60lbs, shoes and supplies and sent them on to us. Getting the clothes and supplies was the easy part. It was the shipping that was throwing me for a loop. But thanks to the Mike and Denette team we were able to get both boxes there at a cost of $120.00 a box. River of Life is happy to pick up all the cost and are grateful for the donations of support.

I have several jobs out in the world and one takes me consulting into people’s homes. I would see people putting aside clothes to donate, and decided to start asking people for their donations to send to Nicaragua. It was an enormous response. Some people dropped off 5-6 big bags of clothes, diapers, back packs, small toys, shoes, hair accessories, all kinds of things. I have several more boxes ready to go!

My Aunt who got very excited when I told her what I was doing, was yard sale ing and started buying “onesies” the nice lady asked why she was buying them all and when she told her she was donating them, they said that they would donate bags of clothes if we could pick up. You know I made myself available and picked up 6 large trash bags of goods. Thank you to the Episcopal Church in Shrewsbury MA. River of Life sent a donation over to them asking that they give us a call next time they are having a yard sale.

Praise the Lord for His Goodness!

We will continue to send boxes down each month as long as we are able. Thank God for the people who gave, each one of them and Thank God for the people who donated financially to send the packages down.

Dawn Piardi
River of Life, Inc

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  1. Thank you River of Lilfe, Particularily Dawn Piardi for such a HUGE blessing to the kids and MOMS of the poorest of the poor in Nicaragua (the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere).

    The QUALITY and QUANTITY of what you have sent us is OVERWHELMING. May the Lord continue to BLESS your beautiful, behind the scenes ministry.

    Dean and Winnie Peters

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