Kids receiving giftsChristmas w/Pure Heart from my cousin Rebecca Winner and Operation Christmas child.Christmas w/Pure Heart12/21

Christmas = Others

You ever notice that as an adult, there is absolutely ZERO joy in receiving a Christmas present but all the joy in the world of giving one? Thanks to everyone who gave to our ministry and the Jim Winner Home making it possible for us to be able to BLESS these At-Risk children with a Christmas that they will never forget.

I kind of feel something, and want to say it, at the risk of being burned alive at the stake. I think that the LAST place a real believer should be on Christmas is at a church seeking warm and fuzzy feelings. Or in an over heated house, over stuffed, over indulged, surrounded by familiar like minded people. It´s like GETTING something instead of GIVING something. Maybe I am weird. Well, I know I am weird.

Seems to me it´s all about OTHERS. The message of Jesus. The message of Christmas. It´s about giving to those who have NOTHING to give back. At least for me, that´s where the JOY of Christmas really is. The rest is just pomp and ceremony. If you can´t help others, at least pray in all sincerity for them…

Here´s my aching burden of prayer for this year…..Please pray for my friends Saeed and Naghmeh Abedini and their two small children. It looks like Saeed will spend his SECOND Christmas locked up in a dangerous Iranian prison for his faith and for trying to help street children in Tehran. HERE´S A VIDEO OF HIS SON, JACOB, PRAYING FOR HIS RELEASE,,,

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