Genesis is the instigator. She learned it…

Genesis is the instigator.Genesis She learned it from her mom.

Man, NO ONE MESSES WITH GENESIS!… when someone does, her Mom puts on make up (?) and marches over the couple of blocks away that they live from where we feed. In my delirious, dehydrated state,, and through the heat waves, when Genisis´mom comes over to ´talk´with her make up on it looks like war paint, kind of freaks me out.

Genesis tried to ´organize´last week, with a hunger strike. When Winnie dished out the food, She said she only wanted pizza, so Winnie took her food back, (so much for the hunger strike), 5 minutes late, the lady with the war paint was hovering over me.

But, Genesis for being only 5 has leadership abilities, no joke. She has good looks and a quick wit and KNOWS IT. At the ripe old age of 5, she knows how to use both with deadly skill. It has me on the floor rolling with laughter, while having everyone else kind of upset.

Genesis is demanding. Poor guy that marries her! She is going to wear that guy out with her high expectations and limited patience. I truly miss her when she´s not in the food line (which is almost never). She loves junk food. If it´s healthy food, she lets us know that she disapproves). Pizza Frietag (Friday pizza, our pizza day) is her favorite. Very rarely do we serve hot dogs, but when we do, she´s there, and she´s one happy camper.

She lives in tough environment, as the rest of them do. She will survive, Lord willing. My concern is how. She is a fighter and will do whatever it takes. She has beaten down single handedly the biggest bullies on the block, and believe me , there are plenty. The Bible says that life and death are in our tongue, so I try to give her positive self images, I look for ways to catch her doing something good, like helping another less fortunate (which hardly ever happens), I say ¨Genesis, you are a really kind and gentle girl, she looks at me and say, who ya talkin to Baldie? She cracks me up.

she´s hard as nails, i think she´s adorable.

she´s the blond girl with curls.

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