A New Year in Nicaragua

Childrens Minitstry Nicaragua 011304 Guadalupe is the resettlement community of the dump. They moved everyone about 300 yards outside the dump. They have new adobe houses but only make about 75 cents a day. They have to pay utilities plus food for an average of five to six mouths, so the parents have to do real juggling acts. Immediate plan, we are feeding as many as we can. But that’s only a band-aid. They need real jobs, real pay, and HOPE that only God and healthy relationships with Him and others can give.
We are almost set up for the prek to 6th grade school to open in February, Lord willing.
The restaurant on the point of being profitable. We have a group of american surgeons coming this week end.

This week’s costs for ministry
300 in salaries
357 in food
76 in medicine
7 in buses
37 in taxis
250 in rip off (The guy never came back with the stuff for the bakery)

Income 500 in donations
259 income food leaving 37 dollars positive

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