Day to Day Living in Nicaragua

Our Italian Restaurant, “Rosticceria Roma” finally opened.Childrens Minitstry Nicaragua 011305 It is a source of income for my family as well as a way to feed the kids in the dump and on the street. Also, and most importantly we are providing jobs and moral/spiritual structure to the girls we raise as well as OTHERS. It’s all about others. I heard a catholic priest say yesterday that if preach the Gospel, and don’t care about others, you are a liar. A little direct, but completely true.
Dean Jr. and I spent the week translating for a group of doctors in in a community clinic and in hospitals. True to form, I managed to irritate a lot of people and step on toes, but all in all it was fun. God is good and completely trustworthy. I have to brag. It gets really hectic here, and we get separated a lot. So, I give Dean Jr. 50 cordobas (2 dollars) in case we get separated he can catch a cab home. Well, coming home, I was out of money and asked Dean Jr. for his 50, and he was worried. I said, ‘what happened to it, ??” Dean answered me, A lady brought two small kids with her by chicken bus really far away (the mom had an abscessed tooth). She got here, they pulled her tooth. When she started to leave, she saw that the 50 cords had fallen out of her pocket her pocket, and she didn’t have anyway take her kids home. Deannie Jr. gave it to her.

We have the approval for the school. We will move out of our house and find another, so they can come and inspect. Still shooting to open the school next month.
The restaurant is both FINE ITALIAN as well as typical cuisine. Was able to make it to the dump, and visit Brandon (the boy run over by the taxi. Also, my friend Juan Carlos I got in for a surgery on his hair lip. As we were waiting for admittance, the father nonchalantly said, “my son was repeatedly raped, and he goes to court tomorrow for the sentencing of the rapist.” I told the doctors as soon as I found out, so they really HATE me. No surgery until 6 months of psych.Childrens Ministry Nicaragua 011306

This week’s costs for ministry
450 food
114 medicine
357 food service supplies
16 buses
78 taxis
12 Paint
50 Mario (chef)
100 salaries/bonuses

Week’s Income
40 in donations
457 income food

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