Aches and Pains of Old Age


Aches and pains of old age.

When you do what we do, taking care of around 200 kids, you have very limited resources, even if you DO have a good paying job.

Being poor is good for me though and it’s VERY healthy.

When I had a lot of extra money i went to the doctor for everything (over 10 years ago, a LONG time ago)

I spent a lot of money needlessly on doctors and medicine that made me sicker and not better.  Plus I was spending about $200 a month on medicine, even though I had insurance!  And I spent about $100 a month on drs and about $500 -$1000 a month on health insurance (I was spending around $1000 to $2000 a month just trying to be healthy).

Here is a list of things that I have done to save money and as a result make me feel a LOT better.  Maybe this will help other old geezers:

1.  When I am tired I lay down and sleep if I can (even if it’s a 10 minute siesta).

2.  When Negative thoughts come I don’t entertain them (usually).

3.  I pray a LOT more, and dwell on God and His Word.

4.  I drink around two gallons of water a day (cuts out all the heartburn, acid reflux etc.).  I spent LOTS of money on omneprozole. (Probably $50 a month)

5.  I Warrior fast (only take in calories during a 5 hour window) fast 19 hours eat 5 (11am – 4 pm).   No headaches, no insomnia.  I have lost 25 lbs and save a lot of money on groceries.  Also I’m not wasting money on headache and heartburn medicine.

6.  Atkins diet during the 5 hours, and cucumber juice for carbs.  I drink water to kill hunger at night.

7.  I do Light weight lifting every day (takes away almost all my joint pain).  If my knee or anything else aches, I tie a dress sock around it and it works ( I used to spend 25 a month on advil) and probably another $20 a month on one type of brace or other.

8.  I don’t eat out on my own.  I like the fasting feeling, so it forces me to wait until i get home.  Even when I am traveling for work.  It saves LOTS of money and is healthier and easier to do my warrior fast and restrict carbs.

9.  I try to walk everywhere I go that’s safe.  Usually 5 miles a day give or take.

10.  I PLAY with my daughter at a community pool, about an hour a day (great work out).

11.  Play, love, teach and joke around with kids about an hour a day (great work out).

12.  No diet pop, no diet food, no slim fast shakes, nor low fat anything.

13.  When I wake up I think only good memories and experiences.  I send an email out thanking someone for something.  I thank God for everything and look for a verse in the Bible to meditate on.

14.  We sleep on a bedroll on the floor, 0 back aches.  Sleep like a rock because Winnie doesn’t wake me up when she rolls over, and visa versa.

My blood pressure and cholesterol are way down.  My liver is healthier and my blood sugar is perfect.

Now I cut way back on medicine.  Plus I weigh about 40 lbs less than when I used to go to doctor over 10 years ago.  I am happier and more focused.  And oh, btw, I am 10 years older!

Now I spend about only $40 a month on my health.

Praise God for having called us to have limited resources!


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