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Eva, her son and her little brother (special needs) sell tortillas for about a nickel profit per. They get up in the middle of the night. Carrying the tortilla pan, chair, meal and firewood for several hundred tortillas, they walk to their tortilla stand near my house (about 5 miles straight up hill). They sell the tortillas (6 am til noon, about 6 hours to sell them all, one at a time to passing cars). Then they pack everything up and walk back home carrying all the stuff for their stand, plus buying corn meal and firewood for the next dat. (10 miles round trip). They get home, carry some water from the well to their house, eating around 6 pm. They Fall to sleep when the sun sets (no electricity nor running water). The well a couple blocks away. Then they wake up in the middle of the night to do it again. If they are sick or hurt they don’t eat. Oh, did I mention that they are always smiling and pleasant?? A large percentage of Nicaraguans live like this.

These are the honorable Nicaraguan people we love to serve, for God’s glory.
One short term american missionary asked me why she doesn’t walk an extra mile to my house for our 1 hour Bible study. My answer was “you’re kidding me, right?”
She could probably teach me about living by faith,trusting in Jesus and the power of prayer.

The Bible says we should take out the beam out  of  our own eye first.   We can only try do that by inspecting ourselves.


Proverbs 1:32 the simple are killed by their turning away and the complacency of fools destroys them

We work with the poor and suffering in Nicaragua. Teams come down and make great and lasting impressions on the kids. One of my favorite missionaries was a tough New York knucklehead named Tommy. Tommy was great. Newly saved and Cleaned up. Got back his wife and kids. Went on mission trips. Great evangelist. He had a thing where he’d have an appointment with his pastor once a year called his annual ‘check-up’. Something that Tommy invented and his pastor tolerated out of love. He said it was like a medical check up, but spiritually. Well. He turned his back completely on Jesus. Totally out of the scene now, riding with an outlaw motorcycle club. Check-ups need to be daily, not yearly. We, as believers, need to do our own check-ups daily, recognizing anything that can turn us away. We have to recognize these things in us and die to them, on a daily basis. The onus is on us to stay on the path, not our pastors.

1 Corinthians 15:31 ‘I die daily.’

As a missionary I have co-labored in the vineyard of the Lord with some great people. They did fantastic things in the name of Jesus. But somewhere along the line, a few of them got soured and have become an actual enemy of Christ. I should say, they have made themselves enemies of Jesus, but Jesus will never stop loving them. Nor should we.

This has been on my heart a long time now. I need to say it. I firmly believe that the problems in America are not because of sinful and corrupt political parties and nations. Most are not saved, so what do you expect? I think this nightmarish past year is happening because Christians in America have lost their first love.

Rev 2:4 …thou hast left thy first love.

I often complain to my wife after church saying ‘I just want to hear about Jesus’. They teach how to have a good family, be successful, save money etc. but ‘just tell me the story of Jesus!’ I really miss hearing it. I haven’t heard that message in a church over the past 10 years. Jesus stories and the Gospel never get old to me. People fall away from a relationship with Jesus because they love their sin more than they love Him! Because they stopped loving Jesus, they sin, they have encouraged others to do the same. Every sermon preached should be a story of Jesus, along with the Gospel. Love Jesus more than your sin, and you will stop sinning. Return to your first love. Paul goes as far as saying that if you don’t love Jesus, you’re cursed.

1 Corinthians 16:22 “If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema (damned) Maranatha.”

This isn’t just about missionaries or church leaders. I am talking about anyone who once claimed that they loved Jesus and now hate Him and His followers. People that now actively disuade people from following Jesus. Not referring to Christians that are backslidden in sin, for a season. I am talking about those who actually have a adopted a lifestyle of hating God and the GoodNews of Jesus Christ. An tell tale earmark of someone completely called away is that 100% of these guys proudly believe that they are like this because they have been spiritually enlightened. It’s true! They have been enlightened by the angel of light, which is demonic. Every false sect (since the times of the primitive church in the New Teatament ) had to have something like this to occur in order to get started down the path of a reprobate mind and doctrine.

2 Tim 3:5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof:

We have all blown it. I’ve blown it horrifically, many times. I don’t hide it. Praise God that I always got up and ran back into the arms of my loving Father. Judas could have done the same thing. Peter did! Judas chose to take his own life. Peter chose to do what I did, repent and run back to Jesus. Judas is probably in hell. Peter is in heaven. God’s tender cords of love have never ceased to draw us back to Him, if we surrender.

Hosea 11:4 I drew them with cords of a man, with bands of love: and I was to them as they that take off the yoke on their jaws, and I laid meat unto them.

I found the world to be so ugly, so quickly, every time I tried to go back to it. It was a miserable place to be in and I could only stand it for a short period of time before I ran back begging for forgiven. After having tasted something so sweet as God’s beauty and goodness, nothing else satisfied my soul. Nothing is better, or sweeter than Jesus. Some people love the world and it’s brief pleasures more though. Joe Edwards-Hoff once told a story of a father talking to his wayward son telling him, “If you ever find anything better than Jesus, come back and let me know”. His son can back and became a preacher. Some people, albeit delusional, love the world and sin more than they love Jesus.

2 Timothy 4:10 For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world,

Here’s what I noticed about anyone that fell permanently. (It may look permanent but only God knows for sure). I notice that they not only fell, but tried to recruit others to do the same. They scorn those who keep on serving the Lord. Their own pride, and honor to their false word, keeps them from coming back. They become entrenched. God can do a miracle and retrieve them by breaking their yokes (and usually their hearts), that’s the only way.
Humble, teachable people learn from everyone. Even bad examples, or moral shipwrecks, can teach them something. (IE what not to do) Learn! Watch out for these same warning traits in ourselves, please! We are all capable of falling.

1 Corinthians 10:12 Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.

  1. Unthankfulness- People that I knew that walked away from the Lord, were often supernaturally gifted in music, speaking, evangelism, preaching or teaching (platform ministries). Instead of being thankful for their good looks, great stage presence, and quick wit, they eventually became proud. They often develops a ‘platform obsession’. If they weren’t on stage, or the center of attraction, they became more and more inclined to stay home. They’ll never clean a toilets, once they’ve ‘arrived’. To get where they wanted to be in the church body, they’d do anything, but once they got what they wanted, they resisted anything that didn’t keep them in the lime light. With time it got worse. Are we thankful for what God has endowed us with? My gifts are networking and kids. What’s yours? I am grateful. A deacon once told me his gifting was being a church deacon. A deacon in the primitive church was a word used for someone who goes and fetches things, like a waiter. Literally they were called go-fers. Are you a go-fer for the Gospel? Is that your gifting? Great! Whatever gift you have, thank God for it and be prepared to work in that calling until the Lord takes you home!
  2. Scornful- Many of the fallen were extremely popular in the Christian circles, and yet got more and more scornful at the accolades, invites and pats on the back. Not grateful and even nippy to people that wanted to praise them but couldn’t help them to advance. False pride. Argumentive. Opinionated. When someone would dare ask them about these negative traits, they would quickly learn not to. Do we receive compliments and criticism well? Are we scornful?
  3. Self-righteous- Before their fatal decision to not follow Christ anymore, many were extremely self righteous. They really seemed to think they were perfect spiritually and everyone else was bad. If they were humble it was false humility (pride in itself). But mostly they were more and more critical of everyone in ministry except their small circle of admirers. Very Competitive. Again a progressively worsening condition. Are we critical of others who are just trying to be obedient to God and His Word? Are we aggressive and competitive? (Aggressive and competitive are worldly compliments, not Christian ones)
  4. Critical- Many of those I know who are no longer walking in the faith said that they had what they described as a ‘spirit of discernment’. FYI this is not a gift of the HolySpirit. Not Biblical at all. 2 Cor 2:28 lists the gifts, discernment isn’t one of them. I call them just overly critical and judgemental. Again, with time, they became even more critical. God can warn any Christian about other people, but it’s not a gift. Are we proud of our discerning abilities? It’s not ours to be proud of. God discerns, and His Word discerns, we don’t.
  5. Mockers- Before people fall, I noticed they were mockers and sarcastic of others who were just trying to get the job done, in spite of the fact that the many were under equipped, under talented and not very pretty. People at the point of falling just got worse and worse with their mocking, snubs and snide remarks. The HolySpirit never mocks or is sarcastic. Now that they have turned their backs on Christ, they are meaner, more self righteous and judgemental than ever. Are we mocking and sarcastic? Do we roll our eyes are say ‘whatever’ when we hear something we don’t agree with? Take off the worldly things and put on the Godly things. Humble people don’t mock.
  6. Gossip- People that are spiritually in trouble run to gossip and gossip about others (usually as a petition for prayer). They loved seeing others fall. I guess to weed out the competition. Again, a worsening condition. I found myself not liking people without ever meeting or knowing them, just because of what church leaders said about them. Not good. Do we make others look good, or do we smear their reputation?
  7. Unteachability-People on a slippery spiritual slope thought they knew more Bible than anyone. They thought that they had a closer walk with God than anyone. They were skeptical of even the authors of the Bible. And they let everyone know their thoughts. Not willing to change, be corrected or learn.. Bristled at constructive criticism even when they were asking for constructive criticism. They were becoming proud about their doubting certain parts of the Word. They scoffed at God’s miracles or verses in the Bible. Actually mimicking others who quoted scripture. Do we favor faith over doubt, or are we doubter too? Can others more experienced, with our best interests at heart, teach us?
  8. Pushiness – Bossy and impatient people are like that with everyone, even to people in ministries that they knew nothing about. These are people in spiritual distress. On the street, instead of evangelizing, they are busy being sensitive to the opinions of others, (wanting people to like them) and very critical of Christians. That is of course, unless they had Christian witnesses around them. Observation. It’s harder to be objective with yourself than others. We need to be brutal with ourselves, and full of Grace with others. Are we bossy and impatient with ourselves more than with others?
  9. Unfaithfulness or Untrustworthiness- Many of the fallen had the personal trust and confidence of great men of faith, which they always eventually betrayed. Totally unworthy of trust, and at the same time, very easy to trust. Are we worthy of trust? Are we traitors? We are Stewart’s of the Gospel. We have a duty. 1 Cor 4:2 it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.
  10. Anger-People that aren’t right with the Lord are always angry. They called it righteous anger, but usually just in a constant temper tantrum. Wanted credit and acknowledgement always, for anything they did, no matter how small. People get mad because they don’t have the faith and ability to deal with things. When they weren’t praised, they’d get pouty or angry. If they got praised, they’d slug it off. Impossible to please. Are we seen as angry or joyous by others? How would they describe you?
  11. Sin- Secret sin is always revealed. God loves you so much He’ll expose it. John 3 says people run from Jesus (the light) because they love their sin (the darkness) more. I hate sin in my life, I immediately run to the Light to burn it off without mercy. The longer it’s on me, I can feel my love for Jesus wanting. There’s a saying ‘the Bible keeps you from sin, or sin keeps you from the Bible’. Run from Jesus, run from His Light long enough and you’re not abiding because you are not loving Him. Lester Lewis and the singing Roses sang ‘every time I read the Bible, I gotta get right!’ The Word is the Light. From Genesis to Revelations, it’s talking about Jesus.
  12. Dishonesty-that’s why the Bible encourages us to confess our sins one to another. The more brutal you are to yourself, the better you’ll be with God and others. Don’t hid, cover up, make excuses or lie. God hates lying.
  13. Pride (selfishness). The first sin in the Bible. Satan’s sin. God hates that too, as much as lying.

Proverbs 6: 16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

  1. Murmuring-leads to all the above. Talking about sowing discord!! Even to yourself. Murmuring is the first sin mentioned in the Bible. Satan was murmuring to himself about God, because of his Pride.
  2. Storms-Better put how you deal with storms. Most storms in our lives are self emposed. But some aren’t. But it’s not something we can quit or evade. We are all going through storms, or just getting out of one, or about to enter one. Some of the people that fell, did so because of storms. Actually all of them did. It was the final straw. Acts 27 is a study I am going through with Pastor Joe. It says that the seasoned sailors wrapped ropes and chains around the boat itself. Their goal was holding themselves (the boat) together during the storm, so it wouldn’t break apart because of waves and wind. Storms aren’t bad IF you hang in there, don’t fall apart, and don’t quit. Storms are good! They will instruct, correct and direct you if you just hold it together through the storm and don’t give up.

All believers!! Watch out !! If you see these traits in you there is time to stop them. You may ask yourself ‘Are we that are still hanging in there capable of falling?’ Yep! Most of it is just abiding in Jesus. But it’s a decision and it takes discipline. Even the Apostle Paul worried about it. Pride cometh before the fall. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

Pray with me…
Lord help me to see myself as you and others see me. Help me to change. Forgive me and help me to change so I may be more conformed to the image of Christ. I don’t ever want to disappoint you, please help me to abide in You. Help me to stay in love with you alone. Amen

Remember! Jesus has done everything for you. Now it’s up to us to listen, be obedient and go back to Jesus, our first Love.
Whatever God shows you or others show you, if it’s the truth, agree with them like the lady that Jesus called a dog. Agree with Him saying ‘Truth Lord’, if it´s the truth. Then change. Nothing is better than spending time alone in prayer and the Word with the Lord.

1 Corinthians 9:27 But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.

To check-up myself,and recharge, I like Christian you tube shows..I just watched American Gospel,wow!


Lots of improvements happened to the kitchen. (it´s 10 years old now.  We have cooked over a half a million meals in it). We are trying to buy a commercial sink, dishwasher and garbage disposal once we get the sink. (Expensive!)

COVID 19 UPDATE – NOT ONE CASE AMONG OUR STAFF OR THE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WE SERVE (thousands of people if you include their families! – PSALM 91


  1. Government is tough, and getting tougher. It has been strangling out a lot of the weaker foreign organizations, or organizations getting involved in things that aren´t their business. They are now calling us foreign agents, which isn’t good. We are fine, it just takes patience, calm, money, certainty of our calling, and GOD. Expenses are huge though. We are up to date, and legal again,after a bunch of redo´s from jumpstreet and tons of fines. We are just waiting for the next step towards LEGALLY opening an orphanage. They keep changing the rules though.
  5. That I win souls, teach correctly the Word of God, know Jesus better. and to finish the race well.

PLEASE KEEP ON DOING WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU`RE DOING, IT’S WORKING!! pray, donate, and spread the word about us, what we are doing and the needs here!

God miraculously provides, non stop.

Please share this letter on FB and with your friends, churches & civic groups!

Thank you!!!

Dean and Winnie Peters

Joyfully serving the ‘least of these’ in Nicaragua for the glory of God

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