Romans 8 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

This word condemnation is about devine punishment. In other words, if you are born again,, you won’t go hell. There are many other types of condemnation, and I apply these as well to Romans 8:1 because when I feel condemned by someone, or when I condemn myself without merit, this verse to my mind . When some heathen, demented religious person, a family member or close friend condemns me unjustly the Holy Spirit always whispers this verse gently into my soul. One other type of condemnation is self condemnation or conviction. You say stuff to yourself like ‘I should have been kinder’ or ‘My thoughts were sinful.’ Sometimes your self condemnation/conviction is merited and you should repent the moment you are aware of it. A lot of times though I am convicted/self condemned because ‘ I am not working hard enough’ or ‘I am a failure’, stuff like that. Sometimes that is merited, sometimes it isn’t. If it isn’t merited, or other people condemn you wrongly, this missive is for you!

I am an expert in condemnation (as far as getting condemned). Once, on a bus (maybe the first time I was ever on a bus down here, now my preferred form of transportation btw) there was a mean, gringo-hating drunk on the croweded bus.  I asked myself in my mind (not out loud), `what do you think you`re doing here?`  I opened my eyes, and the drunk was glaring at me and repeated word for word, in perfect English `what do you think you´re doing down here`.  Then and there, I realized how important missions was, and how much the enemy hated it. Main tool of the enemy?  Condemnation.  I have learned to avoid it if it isn`t deserved, repenting if it is, in order to cut it out of my life as much as possible

Everyone I know who really puts himself out there for the Gospel gets condemned by others and struggles with feelings of self-condemnation/conviction. I really don’t know anyone close to me in ministry who hasn’t expressed these feelings of condemnation. Condemnation from family and friends is always a given. But it gets worse, from sources totally unexpected. I think those who don’t feel that horrible feeling sometimes maybe aren’t doing enough to reach others for Christ.

Condemnation that is unfounded does not come from God. It may come from our own faithless thoughts, other Christians, Pastors, denominations or other things that appear to be from God. I assure you though, just because you ‘feel’ condemned doesn’t mean you are. Maybe Satan and his minions are condemning you, or using the weaker Christians to do so, but not God. If you are saved, you are spotless before God. That’s all that counts. It’s good to memorize and repeat out loud Romans 8:1 when under these spiritual attacks. Yes, condemnation is spiritual.

If you feel condemned, check yourself out. If you are doing everything out of obedience, love and pure intentions, I recommend that you keep on doing what you’ve been doing. That condemnation comes from the enemy, guaranteed.

Rev 12:10 For the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

Feeling condemned shouldn’t slow you down in your service to the King. It should in fact encourage you to press on because unfounded condemnation is a sign that you are making advances for the Kingdom of heaven. That always results in people getting saved. Maybe not directly, but it does. You do not have to see the results. In fact it’s a sin to measure your results. Altar call counts and Sunday School head counts always makes me nervous. Great for raising support in newsletters, not so great in the eyes of the Lord.

2 Samuel 24:1 The Lord was angry with Israel again, and he caused David to turn against the Israelites. He said, “Go, count the people of Israel and Judah.”

I wish everyone could read the book ‘This Present Darkness’ by Frank Peretti. That is a good description of satanic condemnation and other activity of the enemy. (All unfounded condemnation of a Born Again Christian is satanic, because it isn’t from God)

Take unfair, unfounded condemnation as an applause from heaven. You are performing for an Audience of One (God). You are in good company when you are condemned this way. Jesus, the prophets, the apostles, the martyrs all of them were wrongly condemned by evil. If evil condemns you unjustly, you are in a good place. Just make sure you don’t give evil the right to condemn you by your actions or attitude.

Turn that sadness into joy. Frustration into victory. Condemnation into encouragement because that is what God is doing for you! Onward Christian Soldier!

Romans 8:28 All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord

Small praise report; I am so healthy it’s ridiculous, I love and cherish my wife, we have all that we need (more than enough so we can help others), my kids are healthy, and our ministry is flourishing. God is good!

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Dean and Winnie

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