The most dangerous occupation in the world is… #1. being a poor toddler in a third world country.

and that doesn´t even fall into the at-risk category. At-Risk children means that they are at risk of being forced into prostitution.

Most dangerous weapon in the world….#1. that poor toddler 18 years later.

I am well traveled, and have seen and experienced a lot of danger, but I don´t think anything is as dangerous being a kid in third world slums. As a guy said the other day, we need to worry about ALL children, not just the children that say they believe the same things as we do. There´s a huge population explosion going on and it´s all babies coming out of the slums of third world countries. Not just in latin america, but the mid east, orient, all over. Most of the extremist soldiers are babies that grew up the slums. Bloody revolutions all over the world are fought by slum kids. They´re furious, and they have lived a life of extreme danger. Life and death to a street kid is so common they hardly think about it. Killing to them is absolutely meaningless.

Kim is a friend of mine who has been a strong christian for the past 20 years. But she grew up in a poor area of new jersey from a broken home. So it´s not even third world country issues, but the chances for a success story out of third world countries is even less than Kimmy´s. Praise God that some people can make it out before it´s too late. Here´s Kimmy´s testimony, how she overcame danger.

We are going to the states monday morning. We would love to see you. Thanks to a donation we are flying through orlando with an 8 hour delay there, then on to newark nj. From there we are being donated a vehicle, which we will drive back to Managua via Oklahoma and Texas (see the attached pdf). You are more than welcome to print and circulate it.

My mother MIM PETERS is ill, please pray for her, we will visit her in Ohio. We also have speaking engagements along the way, so if you have a club or church or organization where you want me to share, that is relatively close to our route, please let me know…


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