God’s things happen in God’s timing.
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I tend to push Him, and it doesn’t work very well. Relationships,equipment, objectives are always destroyed when you either move ahead of God’s precise timing, or behind it. It’s a very fine line… for me it’s always best to plod along.

That being said, plodding is what we have the luxury to do. Most people don’t. Children today in third world countries have the most precarious position in the history of the world. All we can do is to teach them to Trust Him, and provide for them the best we can during the process.

We are in beautiful Burton Ohio, visiting my mother. We have gotten a lot of gifts, people have been beautiful and generous. Very little on the cash side, but God knows that and He is testing us. He is completely trustworthy. You can not teach one to trust in God if you can’t trust in Him yourself, and you can only learn to trust in Him when your back is against the wall.

We were given great things for the feeding center, as well as the Pre School, We DO NEED A TRAILER THOUGH, if you know of any one interested in DONATING IT FOR FULL BLUE BOOK VALUE, or selling

Let me know,, It’s getting to be a critical issue.

God bless you, sorry for the delay of this letter.


Dean Peters
240 345 9268 US #
Deanpeters123 skype


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