Easter Weekend

deb and winnie joy

Easter signifies a new start.Deb and Poochie A whole new life. It starts on the 8th day of the week, the beginning. The empty tomb is God´s proof that rebirth is possible. Paul said we are the most miserable if it weren’t so.

Giving kids a chance at a NEW LIFE, irregardless of where they are coming from is what we do. Forgetting the past, and starting FRESH: That´s instrumental in our philosophy, and that is what makes us unique.

Great NEWS! The Jim Winner Home for Children is a REALITY. THE MONEY WAS SENT YESTERDAY! We are buying the building where the school is, and Lord willing will put three floors above it.

We are ecstatic to have Debra deb and winnie joy down with us for three months from Boston Mass. She´s an occupational therapist by trade, but just a genuinely good and gracious lady. Winnie Joy especially is pleased she´s here. So is Poochie.

Dean & Winnie Peters

A few months ago Deb wrote . . .

Hi Dean

This is Debra or Deb. I have been on a journey through life and have come to a spot of nothingness. Dawn showed me your website and it touched something in me. I have the opportunity to do something. I would like to come to help you in any fashion. I do not speak any spanish, although I took it in school a lifetime ago for three years.

I am Dawn’s biking partner and have gone on biking adventures with her through the country. I am strong but not as strong as Dawn. Do you know her at all? Boy! She is strong. I am capable. I am flexible. I may cry because I have a soft heart like my father. I have no direction in my life although I do have a great career and a good job.

I listen to K-Love. It is a great Christian radio station. Do you get it down there? It, along with Dawn, have been my salvation. Dawn teaches me about the bible, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I think I taught her to question practiced religion, but she may have learned it on her own. I know God has a plan for me and I think you are part of his plan for me.

Let me know if there is any need for my services. You do not have to pay me. I just need a place to sleep, eat and use a bathroom.

I have worked in the school system as an occupational therapy assistant working with children with special needs. Mostly, I have worked with adults in different settings. I have gone to school to learn to be a paramedic although I did not get licensed. It was a learning experience. I have only my occupational therapy assistant (OTA) license nationally and here in Mass/RI.

So much about me. I hope I have not overwhelmed you or scared you. Mostly, I want to help you. Please let me know if that is possible and what we need to do to make it happen.


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