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1 Corinthians 2:2  For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.

As we age, we absorb things.  I think the more we ‘absorb’ the more we ‘entrench ourselves’.  Like aged whiskey in a wooden keg, or a steak cooked extra slowly over mesquite, the more time we camp on something, the more we absorb.  If it’s something positive, we’ll be entrenched in a fragrant smell and be healthy. Pleasing to be around. If we’re entrenched in something negative, we’ll be stinky and cancerous. Toxic.

Winnie and I are passionately in love with our mission that God has given us.  We love Jesus and ‘at-risk children!’ But not just that.  We also are passionate about old folks.   Our ultimate goal is an orphanage AND evangelical Christian old folks home combined. Preferably on self ‘God’ sufficient a farm. The needs are staggering.

It’s a slow, long road to our goals, but more than worth it. Right now Nicaragua is drastically reducing and/or eliminating orphanages, as a policy.  There are only 4 nursing homes that I know of in the country (we support patients, so we keep informed). We want the old folks to absorb love, joy, laughter, energy and happiness from the kids as much the kids entrenching their beliefs in Jesus by hanging with the old believers.

The main reason we pray for something like that is we want our kids to be entrenched in Jesus.  Our goal is that the kids will learn that from the elderly. Remember, 40 years ago, your faith could have had you tortured or killed here. These old guys perseverred. Have you ever been near an old person who spent their life as a firm and loving believer in Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit?  They are so entrenched in Jesus that they even smell like Him!  They are permeated with Him, and will never abandon their faith in Him.  We want our at-risk children to be entenched in Jesus like that too.  That WILL change their lives for the good, eternally.

2 Corinthians 2:15 For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved.

What I passionately hate is arguing.  Arguing is about getting someone out of the belief they are already entrenched in, and to switch your beliefs (trenches). If they are non believers, you will never argue them into heaven. Love them, pray for them that God will send workers into their lives, and to remove the blinders.  Most importantly trust the Holy Spirit, He loves them more than you do.  Arguing in itself is very dangerous ground, especially among believers.  People have had pentecostal experiences that made them fall in love with Jesus.  More stoic Christians have found Jesus in something else, but love Him just as much.  You don’t want to shake their relationship with the Lord, even if you don’t understand it… THEY don’t need your approval.  I avoid arguing with a passion.  I know that the Lord doesn’t like arguments either, especially among the brethren.   Arguing only happens when two people are entrenched, on opposite sides, for good or bad. It always gets heated, always ugly, and no one changes, ever. In fact, they dig in deeper, becoming even more entrenched.

Titus 3:9 But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain.

If someone wants to argue with you, or get you to read their literature or statistics contrary to your belief in Jesus, they are trying to weaken your faith. Why read or listen to anything that will make you doubt? Don’t let anything make you question the Lord and pull you out of Jesus’s trench.  Like in World War I, if you are out of the trench, you are in no-man’s land.  That is the first step in getting killed or ending up in the enemie’s trench.  Once you aren’t entrenched with Jesus you are in great peril.

In my attempt to get more entrenched, I try to hear at least one sermon, read the Bible and stay in prayer, daily.  Operative word, TRY!  When I don’t hit that goal, disaster! By the end of the day, my faith is already down, and everything else follows suit.

I have friend in the Lord.  I admire how devoted to Him she has been over the decades.   She told me recently that she feels the Lord is showing her the word ‘entrenched’ when she prays for the USA.  People are becoming more entrenched in whatever side they are on. I marvel at that because I am getting the ‘entrenched’ vibe myself from every one I talk to in the states.  Kind of unnerving.

The citizens of the USA are entrenching themselves, digging in.  Entrench into Jesus while there’s time, PLEASE!!  What you think about, talk about, read, watch on TV, watch on internet, who you converse with, LITERALLY EVERYTHING goes to entrenching you into Jesus’ side or into something that isn’t Jesus.  

I know people that once were totally in love with Jesus. Sadly, in trying to be current and open minded, they are now openly and hatefully against anything remotely Christian.  They claim to still love their concept of ‘god’ but you can see they are enemies of the Cross. Fortunately, I am not hip nor current.  I am very closed minded when it comes to the things of Jesus and my faith in Him.  I am closed minded, and saved!

Please be careful, it’s dangerous out there!

Matthew 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

I feel led to share the whole chapter of MATTHEW 24, it’s like reading the newspaper or current events on google

Here’s the link for Matthew 24




(Lecciones de la plaga # 16   Tenga cuidado con los ojos pequeños lo que vio. Cuidad pequeño cerebro lo que piensas. Ten cuidado pequeña lengua lo que dices!)

1 Corintios 2: 2 Porque decidí no saber nada entre ustedes, sino a Jesucristo, y a él crucificado.

A medida que envejecemos, absorbemos. Creo que la palabra “absorber” y “atrincherarse” son parecida, debido a su permanencia. Como el whisky añejado en un barril de madera o un bistec cocinado muy lentamente sobre el mezquite. Cuanto más tiempo estemos cerca de algo, lo más absorbemos sus cualidades positivas (o contaminantes negativos).

Mis pasiones no son solo Jesús y los niños en riesgo. También son personas mayores. Mi objetivo final es un orfanato y casa de ancianos evangélicos combinados.

Para cumplir este sueño es difícil. En este momento, Nicaragua está reduciendo y / o eliminando drásticamente los orfanatos, como política. También conozco solo 4 hogares de ancianos (asilos) en el pais. La razón por la que oro por algo, ademas de la necesidad, pero también mi teoría de “atrincheramiento”.

Mi objetivo es que los niños aprendan de los ancianos. ¿Alguna vez has estado cerca de una persona mayor que pasó su vida como un cristiano firme? Está atrincherado en Jesús hasta oler a Jesús! Están impregnados de Él, y quiero que nuestros niños en riesgo también se sientan así en Jesús. Eso cambiará sus vidas para bien.

2 Corintios 2:15 Porque para Dios somos un dulce sabor de Cristo en los que se salvan.

Trato de escuchar un sermón al día, leer la Biblia  y permanecer en oración. Cuando no alcanzo esa meta, ¡desastre! Al final del dia mi fe es abajo.

Tengo una amiga que tiene muchas decadas en el Señor.  Muy sabia. Ella me dijo que recientemente siente que el Señor le está mostrando la palabra “atrincherada” cuando ora por la USA. Me maravillo de eso porque a mi también me estoy poniendo la palabra “atrincherada” cuando hablo con los en lis EEUU.

Cada persona en la USA se está atrincherándose, cavando, de un lado u otro. Atrincherar en Jesús mientras haya tiempo. Porfavor!  Lo que piensas, hablas, leas, miras en la televisión, miras en Internet, con quien conversas,,,,LITERALMENTE TODO va a atrincherarte com Jesús o algo que no es Jesús.

Conozco personas que hace poco estuvieron totalmente enamoradas de Jesús.  Pero intentaban ser al dia, con un menté abierto, moderno pues. Tristemente están odiosamente contra cualquier cosa remotamente cristiana. Afirman que todavía aman su concepto de “dios”, pero se puede ver que son enemigos de la Cruz. ¡Por favor tenga cuidado!  No soy moderno, tengo un mente cerrado,,,, pero soy salvo!

Mateo 24:12 Y como la iniquidad abundará, el amor de muchos se enfriará.

Siento la necesidad de compartir todo el capítulo, es como leer el periódico o los eventos actuales en Google

Aquí está el enlace para Mateo 24


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