GLORY (Lord’sPrayer Pt20) (Español abajo)

-Progress on the Winner home for at-risk girls see below-

Matthew 6:13 for Thine is the kingdom, the and the GLORY….

ALL Glory belongs to God. There are 3 G’s that make a pastor fall, Girls, Gold and Glory. Many pastors fall because of the later. All the glory belongs to God. God is responsible for everything. Nothing happens without God.  When a pastor doesn’t give God the glory, bad things happen.

I recently took a pill for my painful foot. (I  am a 4 year sufferer of Plantar Fasciitis). I said, Praise God! This pill took my pain away. Some eves-dropper, looking for an argument, butted in and said ‘your ‘god’ had nothing to do with it, thank the guy that invented the pill for it’. Probably one of the dumbest things I have ever heard, and the comment was uninvited. Rudeness and stupidity seem to go hand in hand.

Psalm 14 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

A sign of a fool is someone who denies God His glory. Even believers foolishly deny God when they fail to give God credit for everything (ie the aforementioned pastors).

The scientist that invented the pill for my plantar fasciitis was obviously brilliant. God gave him his mind. God created him. God gave him life. God created the planet earth for him to stand on. God gave him gravity to hold him, and everything else in place. God gave him the overall health required. God gave him brilliance. God gave him wisdom (different from brilliance). God gave him teachers. God gave him schooling. God gave him a roof over his head, food to eat, water to drink, and air to breath. God even provided the chemical with which the pill was made. God provided the factory to make it. The transportation to ship it. The farmacia to sell it to me. The money for me to buy it. The scientist who invented it was a small cog in a series of God Glorifying Miracles. To God be all the glory. God did all the work so I could walk pain free. Praise God!

THE Glory is not ours. Everything we do as a christian, as a missionary, as a pastor, is to bring God glory. Just as the battle belongs to the Lord, the victory and resulting glory belong to Him as well. That being said the glory of God is to be shared with US when we (and the people we drag along with us) finally get to heaven.

Romans 8:18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

Recognizing that all Glory is of God, and He can do with it what He likes, makes our job easy.  Kids glorify God because of God providing for them through us (me and you).  It is our job to do what we do and give God all the glory.  You can glorify God with you life, either by works or donations. 

If you want, you can donate online or by check

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There really hasn’t been much ?, especially under ‘My Timeline’. Sometimes I wonder if I heard from God correctly. Again, the burden is on God, not on me.

It’s all about finances. The will is there ( both ours and the Lord’s as expressed in His written Word). However, we need a drastic increase in funds (over and above our already existing ministry expenses, which is a lot!) to make the necessary additions and improvements BEFORE we can even present it to the government. If we are destitute the government would be crazy to let us bring in kids to live with us.

PLUS EVERYTHING IS BROKE AND NEEDS PAINTED…A construction team or three  may be what we need to just come down and get it all done!

We will need more staff (minimum 2 full time employees more) to do this (by law and for legal protection). We also need to show (1) sufficient income perpetually (an average over the past three months, about double what we are bringing in now. (2) An adequate vehicle. (3) A Nice Room for the children to live in.

We need to ‘sell’ this dream to the skeptical government. From some of these types if ‘homes’ in the past that we have personally seen, the government has good reasons to be cautious. The philosophy ‘bring in the kids and the money will follow’ is reckless, dangerous, exploitive and presumptuous.’ Good for television, not for real life on the mission field though.

Our goal WAS to have kids living here by my birthday in June 21, but it’s looking less and less realistic. That’s my date, but maybe not God’s. That’s the day I am officially retired according by social security standards. Lord willing I will be getting $1,290 a month, so that will really help PureHeart to step up the game. Retirement is a worldly term to me, not a Christian term. I will take the retirement money to help, not stop this labor of love.

We need large donations of money, materials and labor to get the home ready. We also need a different vehicle, and a steady increase in donations to provide for 5 or six more people (basically another young family).

STEP 1 is COMPLETED! Praise God!

*LIKE I SAID, Before we progress we have a lot of minor repairs and painting to do.  If you know of any handymen who want to come down let us know.*

Once we get the money we will move onto Step 2 but right now we are below broke from our normal day to day operations staring us in the face; God willing, we will get past this soon. We need a huge miracle and even more prayer.

Step 2. Installing a downstairs warehouse to hold everything from the warehouse which is now upstairs.

Step 3. Once the warehouse is cleaned out, we will put in a window up stairs, walls and another bathroom, thus turning the warehouse into a large dormitory for the girls.

4. We just found out by government that we will need a larger vehicle. Our 14 year old tucscon is on it ‘s last leg, and won’t legally hold Winnie and I and 5 girls. So we have to have a van.

Once all of that is done we are ready to bring in the little girl toddlers. Pray with us in the selection process of which little girls we will bring in. It will take time and we need to raise a lot to of money to do this (est overall expenses will be a little over 17,100 dollars PLUS 15,000 for a good used van, and also keeping on paying our 4000+ p/m basic operating expenses which will increase with housing 6-7 more people when the construction is completed) That needs to be another $1000 a month permanently. (so we need a steady month donation base of $5,000 a month)

Thats what the Lord we believe showed us, but we are always open to opinions and advice! Like I said, we could be wrong, but that’s the feeling that we get.


thank you once again!

You can donate online or by check

Checks made out to Grace Life OutReach (with PureHeart in the memo)

can be sent to Our mailing address:

Pure Heart C/O Grace Life Outreach

190 Seminole Ln Apt 302

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Gloria (Nuestro Padre #20)


Progreso en el Winner-home para niñas en riesgo, vea más abajo-


Mateo 6:13 porque tuyo es el reino, el y la GLORIA … 


La gloria pertenece a Dios. En ingles, Hay 3 G’s que hacen que un pastor caiga, Girls, Gold y Glory. Muchos pastores caen a causa de los posteriores. 


Toda la gloria pertenece a Dios. Dios es responsable de todo. 


Nada sucede sin Dios. Tomé una píldora para mi pie doliendo (sufro de Fascitis Plantar durante los ultimos 4 años). Dije: ¡Alabado sea Dios! Esta pastilla me quitó el dolor. Alguien buscando un argumento dijo: ‘tu’ dios ‘no tuvo nada que ver con eso, gracias al chico que inventó la píldora’. Probablemente una de las cosas más tontas que he escuchado, y el comentario no fue invitado. La grosería y la estupidez parecen ir de la mano. 


Salmo 14 Dice el necio en su corazón: No hay Dios. Son corruptos, han hecho trabajos abominables, no hay ninguno que haga el bien. 


Una señal de un necio es alguien que nega a Dios su gloria. Incluso los creyentes niegan tontamente a Dios cuando no le dan crédito a Dios por todo. 


El científico que inventó la píldora para mi fascitis plantar fue obviamente brillante. Dios le dio su mente. Dios lo creó. Dios le dio vida. Dios creó el planeta para estar de pie. Dios le dio la gravedad para sostenerlo, y todo lo demás en su lugar. Dios le dio la salud general requerida. Dios le dio inteugencia. Dios le dio sabiduría (diferente de la inteligencia). Dios le dio maestros. Dios le dio educación. Dios le dio un techo sobre su cabeza, comida para comer, agua para beber y aire para respirar. Dios incluso proveyó el químico con el cual se hizo la píldora. Dios proveyo la fábrica para hacerla. El transporte para enviarlo. La farmacia para vendérmelo. El dinero para que yo lo compro. El científico que lo inventó fue una pequeña pieza en una serie de milagros glorificantes de Dios. A Dios sea toda la gloria. Dios hizo todo el trabajo para que pudiera caminar sin dolor. ¡Alabado sea el Señor! 


La gloria no es nuestra. Todo lo que hacemos como cristianos, como misioneros, es traer la gloria a Dios. 


Así como la batalla le pertenece al Señor, la victoria y la gloria resultante también le pertenecen a Él. Al decir esto, la gloria de Dios va a  ser campartida con Él cuando nosotros (y las personas que arrastramos con nosotros) finalmente llegamos al cielo. 


Romanos 8:18 Porque considero que los sufrimientos de este tiempo presente no son dignos de ser comparados con la gloria que será revelada en nosotros.

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