FOREVER! (Lord’sPrayer Pt21) (Español abajo)

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Matthew 6:13  For thine is the kingdom, the power and glory, FOREVER!

We have a medical brigade the 4-6 of May, please pray for it, that people get healed and God gets glorified.  Have you ever realized that doctors and  surgeons don’t heal?  They give medicine and operate so that the person will and can heal, but the healing in itself is God’s work only.  Just the same as human growth etc.  It is all a miracle. It seems like these things take  ‘FOREVER’ but they really don’t.  God heals amazingly fast:

Much to my wife’s chagrin, I am a morning person.  I force myself to just lie there to not wake her up (if she’s sleeping lightly) or when teams are here.  All morning glories have learned the follow verse the hard way Proverbs 27:14 If anyone loudly blesses their neighbor early in the morning, it will be taken as a curse.  So we just lay there, waiting.  It’s absolute torture.  It seems like eternity.  When I was probably 4, I vividly remember getting out of bed, going t0 our neighbor’s house and getting caught eating their cookies (to my neighbor’s utter amusement), and even going for a pre-dawn swim in another neighbor’s swimming pool (to the horror of my mom).  Early mornings, before anyone gets up, as a child seem like they lasted forever.  So did waiting to graduate from high school, military experiences, waiting for healing, waiting for medical test results, going clothes shopping with girls, or watching someone slowly and painfully die.  Those things seemed to last forever but they didn’t.  They were just fleeting moments of time in the story of my life.

As humans, we say FOREVER is a long time.  The truth of the matter is however that forever has nothing to do with time.  Time only exists for mankind on planet earth. Time did not exist until God created it, just for His creation (us). 

Genesis 1:16 God made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night.

God gives time to humans so they can try to quantify and understand things, but God doesn’t even recognize time.  That’s why words like predestination are such great fodder for theological discussions, but they aren’t really important to God, because He doesn’t think about it.  God never measures time, He only measures our Faith.  That’s what’s important to Him, not when or how fast, just that we Repent of our sins, Believe on Him and have His Faith someday.  A grown man walks into a room and walks and talks.  It doesn’t matter if he didn’t learn to talk smoothly until he was nine years old (Einstein’s case) and couldn’t walk until he was five.  The grown man walks and talks, and unless he tells you his life’s story, you would have never known.  A day or a thousand years is exactly the same to God.  Time’s a people thing not a God thing.  All God wants is for us to get saved, no rush!

2 Peter 3:8-9 But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

If you were eternal, like only God is, you would see the Adam and Eve problem in the same instance as your present day marital problems or a promotion as work.  It’s like looking down on a busy fair grounds from a helicopter.  You see the parade (start to finish), the dog show, the demotion derby etc. all at once.  No time frame, just a snap shot.

That is why John (in the Spirit) wrote that Jesus was crucified before the foundation of the world.

Revelation 13:8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

God knew from before the foundation of time OUR PERSONAL VICTORIES AND FAILURES (a lot more failures than victories, at least for me) AND PROVIDED A REMEDY FOR OUR SIN.

Satan is not eternal, (eternal means no beginning or end. Satan was created by God, had a beginning therefore NOT eternal) so he didn’t know about Jesus’s pending triumph on the cross, so he pushed the multitudes and the religious to crucify him.  He didn’t have a clue.  Nor did we, until we got saved.

God knows the future of the kids we serve ( we are on our 4th generation now) He knows how they will respond to the Gospel in their old age.  It is our responsibility at PureHeart to provide those seeds by showing His love for them.  We work in these evil days to lead the way and God harvests in His GOOD TIME. Results are God’s, not ours.  We just try to obey.


Ephesians 5:16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

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There really hasn’t been much ?, especially under ‘My Timeline’. Sometimes I wonder if I heard from God correctly. Again, the burden is on God, not on me.

It’s all about finances. The will is there ( both ours and the Lord’s as expressed in His written Word). However, we need a drastic increase in funds (over and above our already existing ministry expenses, which is a lot!) to make the necessary additions and improvements BEFORE we can even present it to the government. If we are destitute the government would be crazy to let us bring in kids to live with us.

We will need more staff (minimum 2 full time employees more) to do this (by law and for legal protection). We also need to show (1) sufficient income perpetually (an average over the past three months, about double what we are bringing in now. (2) An adequate vehicle. (3) A Nice Room for the children to live in.

We need to ‘sell’ this dream to the skeptical government. From some of these types if ‘homes’ in the past that we have personally seen, the government has good reasons to be cautious. The philosophy ‘bring in the kids and the money will follow’ is reckless, dangerous, exploitive and presumptuous.’ Good for television, not for real life on the mission field though.

Our goal WAS to have kids living here by my birthday in June 21, but it’s looking less and less realistic. That’s my date, but maybe not God’s. That’s the day I am officially retired according by social security standards. Lord willing I will be getting $1,290 a month, so that will really help PureHeart to step up the game. Retirement is a worldly term to me, not a Christian term. I will take the retirement money to help, not stop this labor of love.

We need large donations of money, materials and labor to get the home ready. We also need a different vehicle, and a steady increase in donations to provide for 5 or six more people (basically another young family).

STEP 1 is COMPLETED! Praise God!

*Before we progress we have a lot of minor repairs and painting to do.  If you know of any handymen who want to come down let us know.*

Once we get the money we will move onto Step 2 but right now we are below broke from our normal day to day operations staring us in the face; God willing, we will get past this soon. We need a huge miracle and even more prayer.

Step 2. Installing a downstairs warehouse to hold everything from the warehouse which is now upstairs.

Step 3. Once the warehouse is cleaned out, we will put in a window up stairs, walls and another bathroom, thus turning the warehouse into a large dormitory for the girls.

4. We just found out by government that we will need a larger vehicle. Our 14 year old tucscon is on it ‘s last leg, and won’t legally hold Winnie and I and 5 girls. So we have to have a van.

Once all of that is done we are ready to bring in the little girl toddlers. Pray with us in the selection process of which little girls we will bring in. It will take time and we need to raise a lot to of money to do this (est overall expenses will be a little over 17,100 dollars PLUS 15,000 for a good used van, and also keeping on paying our 4000+ p/m basic operating expenses which will increase with housing 6-7 more people when the construction is completed) That needs to be another $1000 a month permanently. (so we need a steady month donation base of $5,000 a month)

Thats what the Lord we believe showed us, but we are always open to opinions and advice! Like I said, we could be wrong, but that’s the feeling that we get.

thank you once again!
You can donate online or by check

Checks made out to Grace Life OutReach (with PureHeart in the memo)
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PARA SIEMPRE (Lord´s Prayer Pt21)

Mateo 6:13 porque tuyo es el reino, el y la gloria PARA SIEMPRE…

¿Sabes que los cirujanos no curan? Funcionan para que la persona pueda sanar, pero la curación en sí misma es solo la obra de Dios. Parece que tomapara siempre’ pero realmente no es tanto tiempo. Dios sana increíblemente rápido.

Soy una persona de la mañana. Me obligo a acostarne allí para no despertar mi esposa (si está durmiendo ligeramente) o cuando los equipos están aquí, pero es tortura absoluta. Parece la eternidad. Cuando tenía 4 años de edad, recuerdo levantarme de la cama, ir a la casa de mis vecinos y quedar atrapado comiendo sus galletas (para total diversión de mi vecino), e incluso ir a nadar en la piscina de un vecino (para el horror de mi mamá). Las mañanas tempranas antes de que alguien se levante para un niño parece que duraron para siempre. También lo hizo esperar una eternidad para graduarme de la escuela secundaria, experiencias militares, esperar la curación, esperar los resultados de los exámenes médicos, ir a comprar ropa con mujeres, ver morir a alguien lenta y dolorosamente. Esas cosas parecían durar para siempre pero no es asi. Fueron simplemente momentos fugaces de la historia de mi vida.

Como humanos creemos que PARA SIEMPRE es mucho tiempo. La verdad  es que PARA SIEMPRE no tiene nada que ver con el tiempo.

El tiempo solo existe para la humanidad en el planeta tierra. El Tiempo es algo que Dios creó, solo para su creación (nosotros).

Génesis 1:16 Dios hizo dos grandes luces: la luz mayor para gobernar el día y la luz menor para gobernar la noche.

Dios le da tiempo a los humanos para que puedan intentar cuantificar y entender las cosas, pero Dios ni siquiera reconoce el tiempo. Es por eso que palabras como la predestinación son un gran alimento para las discusiones teológicas, pero no son realmente importantes para Dios, porque Él no piensa en ello. Dios nunca midió el tiempo, solo midió nuestra fe. Eso es lo que es importante para Él, no cuándo o cuán rápido que tengamos fe, solo que algun dia La alcancemos. Un hombre adulto entra en una habitación y camina y habla. No importa si no aprendió a hablar sin problemas hasta que tenía nueve años (el caso de Einstein) y no podía caminar hasta que tenía cinco. El hombre adulto camina y habla, y si no te contara la historia de su vida, nunca la habrías sabido. Un día o mil años es exactamente lo mismo para Dios. Es una cosa de la gente, no una cosa de Dios. Todo lo que Dios quiere es que seamos salvos, ¡no hay prisa!

2 Pedro 3: 8-9 Pero no olvides esto, queridos amigos: con el Señor, un día es como mil años, y mil años son como un día. El Señor no se demora en cumplir su promesa, como algunos entienden la lentitud. No queriendo que nadie perezca, sino que todos vengan al arrepentimiento.

Si fueras Eterno, como solo Dios es, verías el problema de Adán y Eva en el mismo caso que tus problemas matrimoniales actuales o un ascenso como trabajo. Es como mirar hacia abajo en un carnaval desde un helicóptero. Verá el desfile (de principio a fin), la exposición canina, los choques de carros, etc., todo a la vez. No hay marco de tiempo, todo instantánea.

Es por eso que Juan (en el Espíritu) escribió que Jesús fue crucificado antes de la fundación del mundo. Apocalipsis 13: 8 Y todos los que habitan sobre la tierra lo adorarán, cuyos nombres no están escritos en el libro de la vida del Cordero inmolado desde la fundación del mundo.

Dios supo desde antes de la fundación del tiempo NUESTRAS VICTORIAS Y FALLAS PERSONALES (muchas más fallas que victorias, al menos para mí) Y PROPORCIONÓ UN RECURSO POR NUESTRO PECADO.

Satanás no es eterno, (eterno significa que no hay principio ni fin, Satanás fue creado por Dios), por lo que no sabía sobre el triunfo de Jesús. Tampoco nosotros, hasta que nos salvamos.

Dios sabe el futuro de los niños a los que servimos (estamos en nuestra cuarta generación ahora) Él sabe cómo responderán al Evangelio en su vejez. Eso está el trabajo de nosotros en PureHeart para proporcionar esas semillas mostrando SU amor por ellas.

Trabajamos en estos días malos para guiar el camino y Dios cosecha en Su BUEN MOMENTO.

Dios nos quiere usar el tiempo que él hizo para nosotros sabiamente.

Efesios 5:16 Redimiendo el tiempo, porque los días son malos.

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