God is Good and Merciful

God is good and merciful.

Nicaragua Childrens Ministry 123101

We had a great week. God is in control. Thank you for your vote of confidence in me and your friendship. Major dengue outbreak. Marilyng’s infant has it. Interesting fact, dengue mosquitoes bite during the day. Gringos as a rule don’t nap, so that makes us moving targets. Praise God for that.

We are still going through massive issues with the pizzeria. I always feel if there are a lot of problems we must be doing something right. My Italian chef’s daughter was sick in Costa Rica, so he (hopefully) will be back tomorrow with the correct yeast and correct bricks to make the BEST pizza in Managua. We want to teach our girls to do
things with EXCELLENCE. Average income in Managua is 100-150 per month for a lady non professional. CPA’s and Lawyers make around 500 a month if they’re lucky. A GREAT pizza/Italian chef here can command 1500 a month.

We worked with Brandon (Cindi’s son who was run over by a taxi). NO neurological damage that we can see. We are scheduling speech and physical therapy as we speak. It is amazing how he can sing all the hymns beautifully but can not walk, speak or recognize his mother. God is amazing how He has us put together.

There’s been major Nicaragua Childrens Ministry 123102communication break down with the feeding of the children at the dump. Spaniards have set up a large recycling factory there, so the government is kind of letting them run it. So the Nicaraguan government has made it extremely difficult to go in there now. So I am just walking in on foot hunting families down one at a
time. God knows. I really twisted my ankle badly, so I am not getting around as fast as I usually do

Expenditures for this week. (we tend to get slammed with the big bills all at once) . So this isn’t the normal weekly costs. This will almost be the monthly costs but every seems to hit us at once. This also includes our living quarters which adjoin the restaurant.

From past experience, we keep everyone OUT of where we and our kids live, rest and eat. It just gets too ugly, too fast.

302 dollars for raw food for restaurant where we have the girls
working (or learning to work at least)
550 for rent
210 for electricity
80 for internet/phone (land line)
43 for two cel phones
85 for computer repair (but it still didn’t get fixed)
34 dollars for shoes for various kids
69 dollars for taxi
15 for buses
363 salaries
132 for water
80 for natural gas
11 garbage disposal
15 for my alcoholic artist
10 for paint
67 for repair of oven
80 for bricks for oven
8 for medicine for children
10 for medicine for me and my family
14 dollars for personal items in our home
38 in charity

This week we made 298 dollars gross receipts in the restaurant.
We got in 300 Christmas money from grandma for the kids.

So we net netted (-1618)

Next week it won’t look so bleak

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