Merry Christmas Nicaragua

Pastor Tucker and his wife Maria have been a great influence in me. Like me they like to reach out to the kids in need, where they live on a daily basis, not just ‘events’. The photos are of two families we are working with.

This week has Nicaragua Childrens Ministry 123103been mostly a line standing week trying to renew visas, school licenses, restaurant licenses etc. BUREAUCRACY.

We are TRYING to open our Pre K to second Grade Christ Centered Elementary School ( eventually growing every year up to college) Unless we get a better idea we will use ABEKA curriculum

This week God gave my family the opportunity to love Him more through loving others. We have been able to visit a lot of kids, hospitals, homes of shut ins etc and people we haven’t seen for years. It is really nice to be a living demonstration of God’s enduring love. I try to make at least one ‘ physical house call’ a day. All on foot, its great exercise.

The restaurant is just going ok. We are still trying to get the oven right and the proper yeast. My chefs are top notch, bit a little ‘finicky’ if you get the drift.

We had to temporarily suspend Maryling, she was starting to work her own schedule. we need to teach them how to HOLD a job. They already know how to get fired.

Nicaragua Childrens Ministry 123104

cost break down this week ( a lot better )

287 food
36 medicine ( family )
20 ( medicine for others)
36 charity
15 postage
25 taxis
12 bus
110 Christmas bonuses
45 gifts

586 costs

we made 325 dollars plus 500 in donations!
239 profit!

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