Good NEWS!

We have an address where we can now receive normal sized packagesReceiving Packages Pure Heart Nicaragua without customs nightmares.
(75% of the time, which is GREAT for here.!!!)
You can NOT write off these boxes. They have to go through our non profit Charity River of Life to get the tax write off, but if you want to just send a care package for the kids, this is the way to go.

JUST BE AWARE THAT WE DO LOOSE SOME (25%). Crayons, coloring books, school supplies, band aids, etc etc,, stuff you can afford to loose would be greatfully received.

Send to my wife, Winnie, her name is Wikknelia really (politics etc)

good address for packages.

Wikknelia Zelaya Reyes de Peters
De Donde Fue Restaurante Aragon
1 c arriba, 10 varas al lago A1
Bo Las Brisas, Managua Nicaragua CA

This week has been great. We celebrated the end of the week with Friday Pizza. My kids are studying German, so we have Pizza Freitag. We enjoy these kids so much, but everyday is a challenge. Pray for wisdom and Endurance.

If all goes well we should be moving into the first part of the Jim Winner Home for At Risk Children.

Nearby is a school for the kids that it LOOKS like they will be able to attend. Pray, they need normal friends. Their friends now are street children, which is ok, but I would like their social life to be rounded out.

Someone has graciously provided for them to one semester of Deutch Schule, the German school. The semester ends in November. Seems good! Great security, great math, REASONABLY priced and it is trilingual. We are called to light in the darkness, not light in the light, so we are happy.

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