The Jim Winner Home for At Risk has been purchased (1 May 2013)

We bought the Jim Winner Home for At Risk Children.Jim Winner Home At Risk Children Nicaragua ( It is a large property, but the building NEEDS A LOT OF WORK. If you happen to know of any manly handy men who want to take a vacation to tropical Nicaragua, we could sure use a hand!y man)   BTW we always need mommies for the kids. DONATE TODAY

God is in control,  and I believe wants me to buy and build a modest first floor with a modest pool ( no Nicaraguan children can swim, nor can most adults,  10000 people drowned in 1 hurricane alone down here  so . I am believing the cost will be + – 30k more.  ) Fill it with kids,  if we ever do,  then the 2nd floor
Eduardo, Poochie, Linda, all have parents, there really are not a lot of orphans here, but the kids are given up on because of the poverty. Right now  we let the kids come and go at the capriciousness of the parents… it worked, plus it ministered to the parents.
We have to play it by ear, if the parent is hungry, the will sell their kids into prostitution that is what we are trying to do our part to avoid
Although the  Jim Winner Home will be about 8 miles from here, (in a much cooler and higher altitude of Km 10.5 of Carretera Sur) it is only 15 minutes from our preschool and La Chureca.  Here is a great video of this week.  Eduardo, Linda and Poochie (Victor) are assimilating well and the other kids like them.
The feeding center in the dump and the school will continue as always to be in the same place.
IF we can afford it, we would love to send our kids  to NCA (Nicaraguan Christian Academy)  It is the only US Accredited school in Nicaragua, and it is close to the Jim Winner Home where my children will grow up Lord Willing..

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