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If you want to Pure Heart Nicaragua 9/22see what you’ve never seen, you have to do something that you’ve never done. Pastor Heraclides and his wife teach a song to the children. Kind of the same thing, if you never hear the song, you never will know it.

I ponder daily on what God really wants out of us. Continuously, every day, it seems that the answer for me is to serve ´others´. I am ok with that. It´s my passion to serve, it´s fun, and I am sure I get more out of it than the people I am trying to help.

I look at serving as if I were serving food. Whether it´s helping an old man fend off an assailant, helping a paraplegic to cross the street in a wheel chair, helping out a fruit sales man push his heavy cart out of the way of traffic, or just letting a bag lady tell you her story, it blesses my socks off. But as in our feeding centers and school, if you are serving something old, rotten, or generally not nutritious, healthy or pleasing, are you really serving them? Most importantly, if you do it without LOVE, it´s totally pointless.

So many star fish stories, about helping one in a million, but is that just a warm and fuzzy. It keeps people going. Makes them happy i guess. Karl Marx called it an opiate.

Innovation, creativity, modernizing things is not unspiritual nor bad. God has taught us to modernize, to be innovative and to be creative through HIS creation and existence. Often times it is the only way to actually be able to SERVE others without faking it. Like the old joke of the argument about King James Only. ´if it was good enough for the apostle Paul, it´s good enough to me???¨ REALLY?? Sometimes when you are talking about using old systems that do not work it´s giving the same archaic argument.

In order to give the children of today a CHANCE to make a good life and good spiritual decisions is by changing what we’ve been doing.

Our aim is to to do something that has never been done, with the help of the Lord.

We´d like your prayers.

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