Turning Sorrow Into Joy


Has cambiado mi lamento en baile, (one of my favorite songs, God has traded our sadness into joy.)

We are joyful. The other co-founders and staff  are people that we can actually TRUST and the Jim Winner has completed phase one.
We moved in last week!

Still working on getting other kids in here with us, there´s a real challenge right now with the government in this area, but it looks like we worked our way around it.

David Cadia Lewites  making sad kids happy just outside of the city garbage dump. glory to God.

Our mission is making sad kids joyous, not frustrated. Not temporary joy, as they get with candy, but real joy, everlasting joy.

1st requirement is peace with God.
Peace and Joy (Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel calls them the siamese twins, and the peace has to come before the joy.

The words are; I looked for joy, but I couldn’t find it, but one day, Christ Jesus, the giver of life, gave me joy, the joy I was looking for.

2nd requirement,as nonspiritual as it may sound, is making it in this world.
Not only in entrepreneurship and problem solving in the business world, but social skills as well.

This song, no no no, is about when the BULLY comes to your hear and says let me in, Say No! Jesus lives in me, there is no place for you!

We are changing up the pitch, not with cute buzz words and happy thoughts, but in ice cold reality. We are preparing kids for the 21st century.

We are here to do both.

God Bless you, God Keep you, and may God Cause His Face to Shine upon you!

it´s all about……


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