Preaching what you Practice (John Sclesi)

Preaching what you Practice (John Sclesi)

People make such lofty arguments when they are preaching from a safe place. They may be paupers and preach prosperity. Loving People Pure Heart Nicaragua They may be sickly and preach health. They may be complete degenerate sinners and preach virtue. What people PREACH when they are among their peers does little good to shape the world. It´s what they DO when they are not around their peers that makes a difference. John Sclesi posted the other day that we should preach what we practice. Everyone preaches (in my definition, trying to sway someone to your way of thinking). Atheists preach. Playboys preach. Salesmen preach. Marxists preach. Christians preach. We all preach.

I think the term ´practice what you preach´ is pointed more specifically at Christians however. We preach love, but don´t even like very many people . (FYI, it´s impossible to LOVE someone if you don´t like them). We preach kindness when we are mean. We preach peace, but we are war mongers. We preach helping the poor, but we are greedy and selfish. We preach visiting the `risoners, but scream for the death penalty. We preach about helping widows and orphans but ignore them. We preach against sin, and we are all sinners. Please remember that I am aware that as one finger is pointed away from me when I say these things, three are pointed back at me. I´m a hopeless case, if it wasn´t for Jesus. When I remember the drivel I preached 10 years ago I want to crawl under a rock!

I think we should try more to preach what we practice, as John posted. Life would be so much easier and more people would be attracted to the Gospel. They say it´s always easier to repeat the story if you tell the truth. Well that applies to what we preach as well. NO ONE TRUTHFULLY PRACTICES LIKE WE PREACH. Well, the Pharisees ALMOST did,, they were a lot better at it than we are, but look where THAT got them. We are being watched the moment we declare that we are believers. The interesting thing is that almost all want to see something really different in our lives so that they can have an EXCUSE to be swayed. People want to be swayed. People are attracted to Jesus. We as Christians more times than not, steer them in the other direction. If they DO come to Him, in spite of our preaching, they are soon to be disappointed by our actions. If Christianity were a business it would be sued for false advertising.

We need to try to live in such away that what we do as a habit is a sermon in itself. Our lives have to line up with what we say. We have to start by being truthful with ourselves. We don´t have to protect what we believe. Jesus can defend Himself and His Word. All we have to do is to love and be honest with others, as well as ourselves. There´s two saying that I love,, #1. Speak Up! your actions are so loud I can´t hear what you say (a sneer on the face is an action btw). #2. Evangelize, and when all else fails, open your mouth,,,, St. Francis of Asisi

Here´s a youtube video of Winnie preaching what she practices in La Chureca

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