23jan15  Togetherness

Sometimes I look at the children in the Chureca happily playing together when they are alone, and I think to myself, they do surprisingly well without our help. But it isn’t true if you are consider ALL the people helping them.2014-08-05+11.51.57

Each one of us have our own extremely important function, even though alone it is just an insignificant crumb..we ARE working together, the sandinista government, unicef, who, the spainards, Christian missionaries (whether they are diligent or not) catholic charities, short term teams, visitors, tourists passing through, donators, prayer warriors, well wishers…. everyone is a part of this effort.

Through the eyes of a casual, uncommitted spectator, ( usually the harshest of all critics) and to myself as well, we look like a bunch of circus clowns falling out of the back of an ambulance, stepping on each others oversize clown shoes and beeping an old model-T car horn every time someone bends over. Surprisingly enough, although it doesn’t look like it, we are making a difference. Romans 8:28 says ALL things work together for the good of those who love the Lord.

Eduardo is an exgangster from la chureca. Manolito is a sandinista combatant from the revolution and contra wars. Winnie and I.. all completely different , all working together to put in the final floor of the Jim Winner home. Eduardo is by the way, one of those who got out of gangs and the dump. So there are success stories of the strange combination of help work and love that went to help the poor children of Managua. Note we use steel rods meshed together over tin, BEFORE pouring the mix of sand pebble cement and water…. crumbs all working together for ONE strong floor…. working together for GOOD

Thank you for being a part of this amazing adventure!

Oh btw, if you want to start another adventure, we need 9 more sponsors for our pre school kids. Changing a life for the better is a GREAT adventure.

If you can not sponsor 1 child at 30 dollars a month for 12 months, Please ask you local churches , businesses or groups to help out and sponsor one, or even a third of one at 10 dollars a month.

IF you can do nothing, you can do the MOST IMPORTANT THING; Pray and Tell others.


Or simply mail MONTHLY checks to
River of Life
C/o Dawn Piardi
5 High Ridge Road
Southborough, MA 01772 usa

Here is a video of Teacher Ricardo and Winnie in the Zone!

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