“What do we think we´re doing here?”

What do we think we´re doing?

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We are trying to help some families out of poverty, with God´s help and inspiration.


Poverty robs kids of their childhood AND their future.

When I first was down here the first time, as a non believer, I was on a overcrowded bus. It was a very dangerous time for any foreigner to be in Managua at the time (I´m aging myself). I was thinking to myself , “what am I doing here?” Instantly, a guy looks up at me between two people and said, “what do you think you are doing here?¨ in perfect English. As IF he were reading my mind.

You could see there was really something wrong with him. Not only was he a total gringo hater, BUT he was probably completely nuts. I wasn’t a Christian at the time, so it freaked me out. When I became a believer I felt that maybe he was demonic. Now, I´m thinking he was kind of a spiritual prophet or an angel. It really spoke to my soul. I now wonder myself what a lot of people are doing here.

¨What do I think I´m doing here?¨ That´s been my mantra my whole Christian walk. Wherever I am at, what ever I am doing, it´s like, ´WHAT do I THINK I´m doing here? Maybe that is why I tend to be outspoken about other Americans down here. What we THINK we are doing and what we actually ARE doing are usually two completely different things. I only say these things because I really wish I had direction when I was first down here.

What I LOVE about our ministry is that WE continually are rehashing among ourselves WHAT we ARE doing, and WHY we are doing it. It´s painful, but really needed. Most ONG-NGO´s kind of assume they´re doing good (which is true) but not maybe what God wants them to do.

We figure this is our last hurrah. WE want to make a difference. WE want Nicaragua to be a better place. We want people to make intelligent decisions about the Lord, without desperation or feeling forced, God doesn’t want robots.

Here is Winnie, feeding the kids again.. on a daily basis. God is good. His Mercies are forever.

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