What is my definition of who we are?

My feeble definition of our ministry is doing something without an agenda or motives, for the good of someone else. Just my take on it.Pure Heart Nicaragua 111313

Winnie is my example. She´s quiet, industrious, righteous, and gets it done. You don´t even know what she´s doing, but you see a LOT of people being blessed. She doesn´t even take credit for the Love she has. It´s not her love, it´s Christ´s love.

The love of Christ constrains us

Since she stumbled into a sunday school when she was 8 years old, she has been walking the walk, not talking the talk (come to think of it, she hardly talks at all!)

She has taught me that the Lord wants less bla bla bla. He doesn´t need huge buildings filled with people acting religious. He doesn´t need movement, and long weary prayers. No need for rites, rituals, politics, opinions, false humility, pride, prejudice nor ´self sacrifice´. He wants us just to do the next thing. Always for OTHERS, never for ourselves. The rest is just debris.

Like i said, just my take on it.

Dean and Winnie Peters

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