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Ecclesiastes 5:1 Watch thy feet when thou goest to the house of God and draw near with more willingness to hear than to give the sacrifice of fools, for they do not know how to do what God wants.

People tend to congregate where the level of expectation by the pastor and that particular church is commensurate with their own willingness to get involved.  For example, take ‘seeker-friendly’ churches. I personally love them!  A great first stop for someone seeking God.  Non-believing people go to church at first to seek God.  If they go to church just to meet people that will love them perfectly, unconditionally, selflessly, and sacrificially, they’re in for a big disappointment.  Not even their own families can offer them that kind of love, when you think of it.  Only Jesus can love like that.  REALISTIC  seekers  go because they are looking for real love and are willing to listen closely, to hear, in order find exactly what they need.  These churches serve that purpose.  Theologians go there and pick it apart, but it’s not for them.  Ergo the term ‘seeker friendly’.

I went to that kind of church recently in Florida.  It was fantastic!  It  even had an extremely expensive coffee shop inside.  There was an entertaining praise and worship show.  The youthful pastor wore ‘skinny jeans’, and sported what I call ‘the sucked mango’ (Point dexter type) hairdo.  He was hip (I’m 62, what do I know?), and funny.  The huge congregation was young and pretty.  Very comfortable seating and easy listening.  No pressure.  No conviction.  Perfect for the guy who wants to just check out Christianity for the first time.  Of course no one really spoke to me except the usher and the person who brought me, so that made it even more  perfect for that ‘first peek’.

Once you congregate at a church like that, however, you will feel a lacking after a while.  As you get saved and fall deeper in love with the Lord, your commitment level to Him should rise, and you would probably leave there to join a church were a lot more was expected from you.  You are willing to do more, and if you are listening to God closely, He’ll show you how.

Hearing from God is like listening to an old fashioned transistor radio.  Except, besides the AM and FM band on it, there’s a ‘willingness band’ as well.  You have to be willing to do what God shows you to do in order to tune in to it to hear it.  Other wise you’ll only hear static.  You’ll hear from the Lord only as long as you are willing to do what He shows you to do.  He will show you what to do, IF He knows you will do what He shows you to do. He usually stops leading the moment you don’t do something He specifically showed you to do.  Like finding anything else that is lost, if you stop hearing from God, you need to go back to the last place that you clearly heard from Him. You obviously didn’t do something He showed you to do.  You have to be so willing to keep hearing from Him, that you go back to place where you last saw the ‘lost item’.  Just like looking for anything else that you misplaced.

Elisha the prophet, was cutting wood, and an axe head flew off the handle of one of the worker’s axes.  The worker ran up to Elisha and said in 2 Kings 6:5 Alas, master! for it was borrowed. 6 And the man of God said, Where fell it? And he shewed him the place. And he cut down a stick, and cast it in thither; and the iron did swim.

To hear from God you have to be willing to diligently seek Him, and then actually do what He says to do.  You have to be willing to hear from Him enough even to go where He shows you to go.

Romans 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

You will only hear if you BELIEVE you can hear and WANT to hear.  Amazing how many believers fail in both of those categories.


Willingness has it’s price.  It’s very expensive, but the dividends are more than worth it.

Pray to have ears to hear.

Matthew 11:5 He that hath ears to hear let him hear


IF YOU ARE  HEARING FROM GODAND WILLING TO ‘GO TELL IT ON A MOUNTAIN, but don’t think you can afford it, HERE’S Complete Mission trip for $199.00 USD

Who can’t afford THIS mission trip????

Price includes;

-Round trip flight  Ft Lauderdale to Managua

-3 days/nights in Nicaragua

-Sight Seeing tours

-Trips to slums and feeding centers

-All transportation, tax, tips included

-Room and Board (3 meals a day)

all included for only $199

That’s right!  It costs only $199 dollars to try a missions first hand. Truly an unforgettable and life changing experience. An excellent and safe experience for all people, of all ages.

break down of prices=

-154 spirit air tickets. round trip

-10 dollar nica entrance fee

-35 dollars room and board

= $199 dollars for the experience of a lifetime!

For that price you’ll get;

-An appreciation for America

-More empathy for others

-Understanding the plight of others

-Compassion for the less fortunate

-Passion for life

-Free from bigotry and racism

-A different perspective

-Gratitude for what you have

-A closer walk with the Lord

-Memories and pics for a lifetime

-New life long friends if you want

-Adventures and HUMOR

-Great stories to tell

-To relax and have fun

-A change of scenery

-Experience in uncountable ways

All denominations are welcome!

Requirements, you need to be;

-Safe around women and children


Teams of 1 – 60+ accepted

Ages. 0 -100+ year olds accepted

Dean AndWinnie Peters


Facebook = Dean andWinnie Peters



Eclesiastés 5: 1 Cuida tus pies cuando vayas a la casa de Dios y acércate con más disposición para escuchar que para dar el sacrificio de los tontos, porque no saben cómo hacer lo que Dios quiere.

Las personas tienden a congregarse donde el nivel de expectativa del pastor y esa iglesia en particular es proporcional a su propia voluntad de involucrarse. Por ejemplo, tomar iglesias ‘amigables para los buscadores’. Yo personalmente los amo! Una gran primera parada para alguien que busca a Dios. La gente va a la iglesia al principio para buscar a Dios. Si van a la iglesia solo para conocer a personas que los aman de manera perfecta, incondicional, desinteresada y sacrificial, se sentirán decepcionados. Ni siquiera sus familias pueden ofrecerles ese tipo de amor. Solo Jesús puede. Las personas que van a las iglesias al principio porque están buscando verdadero amor y porque están dispuestas a escuchar. Así que estas iglesias sirven a su propósito.

Fui a ese tipo de iglesia la semana pasada cuando estaba en Florida. ¡Fantástico! Gran tienda de café caro en el interior. Hubo un espectáculo de alabanza y adoración. El pastor juvenil era ‘hip’ y divertido. La enorme congregación era joven y bonita. Fácil escuchar. Sin presión. Sin convicción. Perfecto para el chico que solo quiere revisar el cristianismo. Por supuesto, nadie realmente me habló, excepto la persona que me trajo, pero fue perfecto para ese “primer vistazo”.

Sin embargo, una vez que te congregas en la iglesia así, sentirás una falta después de un tiempo. A medida que te salvas y te enamoras más del amor con el Señor, tu nivel de compromiso con Él aumentará, y probablemente te dejarías para unirte a una iglesia donde se esperaba mucho más de ti. El Señor sabe eso y te va a hablar.

Escuchar de Dios es como escuchar una radio de transistores pasada de moda. Sin embargo, hay una “banda de la Disposición”, como la banda de FM y la banda de AM en una radio analógica. Tienes que estar dispuesto a sintonizarlo para escucharlo.  Si no, solo escucharías estática. Así, solo escuchas del Señor tanto como estás dispuesto a hacer lo que Él te indica que hagas. Él te mostrará Su voluntad si él sabe que harás lo que Él te muestra que hagas. Por lo general, deja de liderar el momento en que no haces algo que específicamente te indica que hagas. Como cualquier otra cosa perdida, tienes que estar lo suficientemente dispuesto a recibirla para que vuelvas a donde viste por última vez el ‘objeto perdido’. Si son llaves del carro o la voluntad de Dios.  Regresa donde el ultimo lugar donde lo tenia en mano.

El profeta Eliseo. Estaba cortando madera, y la cabeza del hacha voló del mango de uno de los trabajadores. Dijo en 2 Reyes 6: 5 ¡Ay, maestro! porque fue prestado. 6 Y el hombre de Dios dijo: ¿Dónde lo cayeron? Y le mostró el lugar. Y cortó un palo, y lo echó allí; y el hierro nadó.

Para escuchar a Dios, tienes que estar dispuesto a buscarlo diligentemente y luego hacer lo que Él dice que haga. También tienes que estar dispuesto a escuchar de Él en primer lugar, lo suficiente como para ir a donde Él te muestre que vayas.

Romanos 10:17 Entonces, la fe viene por el oído y por la palabra de Dios.

Solo escuchara si CREE que puede escuchar y QUIERE escuchar. Sorprendente cuántos creyentes fallan en ambas categorías.

Ora para tener oídos para escuchar.

Mateo 11: 5 El que tiene oídos para oír, oiga.

Dean and Winnie Peters
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Joyfully serving the ‘least of these’ in Nicaragua for the glory of God


Facebook = Dean andWinnie Peters

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