Hope and Change

Although we are trying to spit in the eye of conformity and status quo, we also are striving to be radically transparent and accountable.

Nicaragua Childrens Ministry SchoolWe are rejecting conformity and status quo because, well, it´s a waste of time and resources.

We are trying to become radically transparent and accountable because that does work IF the people you are accountable have their hearts in the right place, and are sufficiently humble.For those who are interested I have forwarded you my weekly financials.

This has really been a roller coaster week of emotion. To God be all the glory.

1. Brandon walked!

2. We shut down the Italian restaurant, too negative, too much collateral damage with the workers. If we are going to loose money we might as well do it because of God´s love.

3. Our Pre School seems to be opening next week.

4. We are delivering food to the dump AND we have opened the restaurant to the whosoever´s. We are running about 50 square meals a day, thanks to you and to the Lord.

5. Because we closed down the italian restaurant, we have more room for the school, and my family can each have a room of their own.

6. We are buying a car maybe tomorrow, Lord willing. It´s a 2100 dollar 2004 Chevy Cavelier 2.2 4 cylinder.

7. The work in the dump, as well as in the feeding center continues to humble me. Also, our work just where we live. These humble people overwhelm me with their love and caring for myself, my wife, kids, and for God.

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