PureHeartChildren and Forgiveness

For some reason people LOVE to NOT forgive. It’s amazing. And when they decide to forgive someone, they are almost apologetic about it. Like they aren’t good to their WORD or something. The fact is that none of us are GOOD to our WORD, except for God. And God is not only good to His Word, but HE LOVES FORGIVING!

Stuff happens, but ALWAYS I can see how God used it for His good! We have had a week of car problems. Now the problem is about to be resolved *LORD WILLING, but we have had a great week with my family. It took that long to settle in and get comfortable with each other, after being out of touch for so long. Romans 8 : 28 tells us that All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord. Every problem in my life has been used to bring me closer to God. When people hurt hour or offend you, don’t get mad, be grateful. Broken people are what is needed to help other broken people. ‘Perfect people’ pretty much can’t help anyone. People are only useful to God when they have been broken. So, thank your bullies in your life.

Pure Heart Children’s Fund is going into it’s 3rd year of God’s guidance to help us to break the cycle of sin, depravity and poverty for 3rd world children. Starting in Nicaragua, than in other countries as He leads. We have hearts for Asia as well as for the Mideast and Africa. Ok,, we love God’s children everywhere. The FIRST cycle to break for any 3rd world street kid is FORGIVENESS. Actually it’s the most important cycle to be broken in MY LIFE as well.

Unforgiveness is like a muddy road the the Chureca *(the garbage dump that Winnie and I have been working at for the past 3 decades). It’s muddy, sloppy, stinky and sticky. YOU GET STUCK when you went out there. Now you can’t get in because the dump has been bought for recycling. The people have been moved to Virgen de Guadelupe *a relocation settlement about 100 yards on the other side of the entrance to the dump. The parents still work there, but the kids can’t, so it’s proven to be a mixed blessing getting them out of there. They have a building to live in now, but less money, and triple the expenses. It’s a breeding grounds for crime. The parents have to get up every morning, and go BACK to the dump to work. A constant reminder. They are tied to the past. Their children are condemned to it for their future unless something changes. There are lots of similarities between the parents having to go BACK to the dump everyday, and someone who can’t get past unforgiveness.

I have learned over the years, that the best way to get UNSTUCK is to go backwards to where you last had traction. As in forgivenenss, one can NOT progress until they have gone back and forgiven the person that needs to be forgive *whether he wants to be forgiven or not*. It’s like the old testament prophet who had to find the lost head of the ax. He had to go back to where he last saw it. If you are stuck in life, I promise you there is unforgiveness. Jesus talked about the servant who was forgiven much debt, and then went and found someone who owed him an insignificant amount and had him arrested. When the king heard about it he had the FORGIVEN servant arrested and handed over to the torturers. Unforgiveness is torture. In the Lord’s prayer, Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. It’s a learned art form, it’s a decision. As we forgive others, we are forgiven.

In a way, unforgiveness has the stench of death. Relationships die. Future Hopes dies. Passion dies. Here’s a slideshow of the dump, and where we are fighting to keep the kids out of. SLIDE SHOW OF THE DUMP, AND OUR WORK THERE

I think the best cure for unforgiveness is the Lord. When you remember that He brought you OUT of the garbage dump of unforgiveness, it makes it easier to NOT go back. WHEN I REMEMBER THE GARBAGE PILE THAT GOD HAD TO PULL ME OUT OF, I JUST WANT TO PRAISE HIM AND NEVER LOOK BACK.

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