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Ephesians 3:20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

Without God we are unable to do anything.  With God, we ARE able to do and receive more that we can even dream of because of God’s power that is within us.  -ALL OF OUR EVERYTHING IS BECAUSE GOD DEEMS FIT TO GIVE IT TO US.  When you understand that, pride of anything is hard to come by.

-ALL OF Our abilities come from God. (Christian or non Christian, it is by God’s grace that we can even function)

-ALL OF Our money comes from God. (Christian or non-Christian, if you can’t function you can’t work.  Our bodies are a miracle)

-ALL OF Our faith and belief comes from God. (IF you believe, thank God!  It’s God’s faith, not ours. He gives us His Faith. Many people have a problem with that, if you do, do a word study)

-ALL OF Our health comes from God. (God is health. Without God there is not health.  Sickenss is in the world because satan is temporarily in charge down here, but not for long 🙂 

-ALL OF Our salvation comes from God. (God give you salvation, it’s a free gift. You can’t brag about a free gift)

-ALL OF Our earthly nationality comes from God. (God knew where you were going to be born, and made it that way.  You could have been born in Samalia)

-ALL OF Oureducation comes from God. (Christian or not, you have resources because of God’s mercy. You have a functioning mind, cause of God’s mercy)

-ALL OF Ourjobs and family comes from God. (Give thaks, Christians and non Christians for a good job and healthy family. That can go away tomorrow)

-ALL OF Ourlooks and popularity comes from God. (Christians and non Christians. A physical defect on the face can change all of that tomorrow)

-ALL OF Oureloquence comes from God. (The Mind, the tonque, GOOD pronunciation, the quick wit is a gift from God, many don’t have that.)

-ALL OF Ourstrength and prowess comes from God. (Do you know how many atoms, proteins, chemicals and minerals are needed to form just a bicep and coordinate the mind to it?)

-ALL OF Ourlove and character comes from God. (If you can love and forgive, that is God. Your character is a gift of God)

-ALL OF Our very life comes from God. (God’s power holds the atoms together that form our molecules, that form our cells.  If HE lets go, we explode)

*I have verses in the original text that will support every one of those statesments, if you want to see them, just let me know*

We can’t be prideful because we are nothing without God.  We are totally dependent in the Power of God through His Holy Spirit.

Paul understood this.  He said;

1 Cor 2:4 And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:

No amount of human effort or words (volume doesn’t matter) reflects God’s power.  God does not need us, but He wants us to do good.  He, in fact, enables us to do His work becauseIt is God at work in you, both to will and to do His good pleasure (Phil 2:12,13)

When I write about PureHeart’s accomplishments, I am writing about God’s accomplishments (that He just enabled us to do, as we tagged along).  I really haven’t done anything, just was along for the ride.  God did all the heavy lifting, I just had to be obedient. To be present and move when and where He showed me to. That’s not saying that I’m shirking responsibility and glibly saying ‘let go and let God’ (which makes absolutely no sense in the Kingdom of God btw, except maybe for grudges).  99% of the reason we don’t die the moment we get saved is that God expects us to GET OFF THE COUCH, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND DO SOMETHING TO ADVANCE THE KINGDOM OF GOD.  St Francis of Assisi said ‘Evangelize Evangelize, and when necessary open your mouth.’  As previously stated, James (Jesus’s brother) wrote in James 2:17 Faith without Works is dead!

My legacy, the outcome I desire is that people will go to heaven.  PureHeart children, their parents, our staff, people I bump into and even readers of this newsletter I pray will get saved and spend eternity with Jesus. There are several great men and women of God, that have huge ministries today because they saw us struggling along 20 years ago and  said, “if Dean can do it, anyone can”.  Best part is, Winnie and I are just beginning!  If not, I am ok with that too.  Good times or bad, It’s all God!

Phil 1 4:2 I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.

To God be all the Glory forever and ever.


Capaz (español / español abajo)

Efesios 3:20 Ahora al que puede hacer mucho más de lo que pedimos o pensamos, según el poder que obra en nosotros.

PODEMOS hacer y recibir más de lo que podemos soñar debido al poder de Dios que está dentro de nosotros. Sin su poder somos incapaces de nada.

Nuestra habilidad proviene de Dios.
Nuestro dinero viene De Dios.
Nuestra fe y creencia proviene de Dios. Nuestra salud viene de Dios.
Nuestra salvación viene de Dios.
Nuestra nacionalidad terrenal viene de Dios. Nuestra educación proviene de Dios. Nuestros nuestra familia provienen de Dios.
Nuestro trabajo viene de Dios.
Nuestra apariencia proviene de Dios.
Nuestra elocuencia proviene de Dios.
Nuestra fuerza y ​​destreza proviene de Dios. Nuestro amor y carácter proviene de Dios. Nuestra vida viene de Dios.

Ni siquiera podemos estar orgullosos porque no somos nada sin Dios. Somos totalmente dependientes del poder de Dios a través de su Espíritu Santo.

Paul entendió esto. Él dijo;
1 Corintios 2: 4 Y mi discurso y mi predicación no fueron con palabras a de la sabiduría del hombre, sino en demostración del Espíritu y del poder:

Mucha palabaria, no importa el volumen, no tiene nada que ver con el Poder De Dios.

Cuando escribo sobre los logros de PureHeart, estoy escribiendo sobre los logros de Dios. No he hecho nada, solo lo acompaño en el viaje. Mi legado es que mucha gente irá al cielo, y como algunos grandes hombres de Dios han dicho, “si Dean puede hacerlo, yo también”.

Esperemos que apenas estemos comenzando, si no, estoy de acuerdo con eso también. Buenos o malos tiempos. ¡Es todo Dios!

Filipenses 1 4: 2 sé cómo ser humillado, y sé cómo abundar: en todas partes y en todas las cosas se me indica que esté lleno y que tenga hambre, que abunde y sufra la necesidad.

Para Dios sea toda la gloria por los siglos de los siglos.

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