“Blanket Lender”

Once when I was in the mountains with heathen Indians, I learned a valuable lesson about how Jesus is.The mountains, even in the tropics, are freezing (so it seems )at night. Communication at any level was almost impossible. These Indians spoke through their noses and were NOT Christians as far as I could tell. I had a light pair of jungle fatigues and a towel (usually drenched in sweat or rain) at night to try to keep warm with.

For weeks,Childrens Minisitry Nicaragua 011301 I would lay down at midnight shivering to death, and fall to sleep. I’d wake up an hour later and a nice Indian blanket mysteriously would be on top of me. I’d thank God, and fall back to sleep. At 4 am every morning my teeth were chattering again. The mystery blanket was off me and it was time for me to do guard duty anyway. I never knew who the ‘blanket lender’ was. But to this day, the ‘blanket lender’ is my standard for sacrificial giving and Christ like behavior.

I want our ministry to be the ‘blanket lender’ for the Glory of God. Sacrificial giving, unconditional love, whether or not any one is looking. PREFERABLY when no one is looking. When people get blessed, they thank God. I want people to thank God for what we are doing.

1.’ROSTICERRIA ROMA’ is officially opened. Our chef is coming along. I am trying to hire a youth minister friend of mine, Franklin, to be his helper. Franklin has been my friend for about 15 years, good around children, loves the Lord and has very thick skin. (needed for Mario, our executive chef. Rosticceria Roma is a revenue stream (some day) for us  AND OJT.

2. Our Pre School opens soon. We have a nice group of teachers to choose from, help us to make the right decision. We want good teachers, that will LOVE the kids into the kingdom of God. Pray for some crucial decisions to be made at this time.

3. The owner of Selva Negra is coming to visit our italian restaurant monday. This is significant because we can help a lot of people if we get some orders for coffee to the states. There was a severe coffee blight this year, so there’s is unspeakable suffering in the mountains of Maltagalpa and Jinotega.

3. It’s been a week of buying, painting, cleaning, renovating and interviews. Lots of interviews.

Costs this week

130 in electrical and painting for both the restaurant and the school (all four of us have moved to one bedroom in the back of the school
67 in taxis
11 buses
111 medical others
2 medical us
402 food (restaurant and us ,,we just eat out of the restaurant)
95 incidental salaries and bonuses
26 charity


506 restaurant

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