Play Nice!

That is my number one saying

Poochie new do

when I am working with kids. I think that is what God is saying when HE said that the two greatest commandments were, Love the Lord thy God with your heart, soul and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself. IF YOU LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOUR SELF, YOU WILL BE NICE TO HIM.

John Sclezci (sp?) is a young spirit filled guy I met on fb. He said,, the best way to testify the Love of God to others is to DIE to yourself.

really really right on.

i was in bliss for 2 days, visiting San Diego and Tijuana. GORGEOUS ice cold, FREEZING! great food, beautiful people, good friends, no mosquitoes.. ahhhhhh

WHEN I CAME BACK AND Landed in Managua, YUK!!!! got off the plane, covered in sweat, by the time I got to the car FIRE ANTS started biting my feet through my sandals (hate toe knuckle stings), and a mosquito bite on my lip that made me look like Pop’eye.

BACK IN MANAGUA, Dying to self,, sigh….but seeing my family, seeing my street urchin friends, kids in the dump, there is no other place i would prefer to be.. but it definitely is not pleasant.

All though my flesh is reacting, my heart is happy. It is nice easy to be nice to people if you are happy. It is impossible to be nice to people if you are not. At least for me. PLUS you can not give what you do not have. To be happy it has to be all about OTHER people, not you nor your agenda, but about OTHERS. Play Nice.

We got the house, finishing up the deal. Jim Winner Home for At Risk Children is now a reality, Poochie is moving in soon! Plus he has a scholarship to our Pre K (Hopefully)

Oliver is walking now! Hurray. See attachment. WE were all scared for him.

God bless you.



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  1. Excellent post my friend, it is good to have a direction and better to be aware of those things that hold you back from being your best. Thanks so much for the encouraging words. BLESSINGS!

    1. you are a good sister. Congratulations on your iminent graduation from college Tracy!

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