Forgive (Lord’sPrayer Pt13) (Español abajo) (scroll down for progress on the WINNER HOME FOR AT-RISK GIRLS) Matthew 6:12 And FORGIVE us our debts, as we FORGIVE our debtors. Forgiveness is an acquired skill. As we forgive, we are forgiven. As we REALLY realize how forgiven we are by God, the easier it is for us to […]


DAY (Lord’sPrayer Pt11) (Español abajo) SCROLL DOWN FOR PROGRESS ON THE HOME FOR AT-RISK GIRLS Matthew 6:11 KJV Give us this DAY… NIV says.. Give us today! I love that! TODAY is more real for me than THIS DAY. Today is all that matters to those who are interested in bringing the kingdom of God down to earth. Yesterday […]


THIS (Lord’sPrayer Pt10) (Español abajo) SCROLL DOWN FOR PROGRESS ON WINNER HOME FOR AT-RISK GIRLS. Matthew 6:11 Give us THIS….. Jesus is very specific when He taught us to pray. When you pray for specifics, you have faith. You are PERSUADED that God is listening to your prayers, and you are asking for specific things. […]


Earth (Lords Prayer part 6) ESPAÑOL / SPANISH TRANSLATION BELOW Luke 9:11 … on ‘earth’ In the Bible, on earth implies all of mankind. God’s will is completed in heaven.  But not yet on earth, between people.  There’s still lots of sin going on down here.  There is no sin in heaven, just love.There is […]